During March I published 9 articles on InfoBarrel (10,192 words) and 2 blog posts (963 words).

The total number of words written in March was 23,408, up from February. There is quite a lot of writing that doesn't go into my monthly writing total, such as minor alterations to existing articles - say be adding a handful of words, or anything shorter than 325 words that's published, primarily on Bubblews - and that alone probably accounts for something like 15,000 words per month. Some of the written words that are measured don't actually go to a published article, as they are larger edits of existing articles, and others are part of incomplete and currently unpublished work.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileOne article was featured on InfoBarrel in March, Movie Review: Need for Speed.

Article Related Earnings for March

This was a terrible month for AdSense, with only £0.01 being earned from articles, and AdSense as a whole (excluding YouTube) was down too, with March being the worst month in a very long time. YouTube is accounting for an increasing percentage of my AdSense earnings - about two thirds - and was slightly up this month.

InfoBarrel earnings were $11.90 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising (although at the time of writing, this does not match up with the finalised earnings for the month), up substantially and one of the highest.

A Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileI also purchased 138 articles from dreamaker on InfoBarrel, which meant that I got the 500,000 words, 500 articles and 100,000 views awards, although I was admittedly very close to the article and words written ones anyway. which means that I am now a good chunk past them.

I have been working my way through the articles, but there are still many articles that need going through and interlinking, as well as adding Amazon products, adding them to Google+, pinging and tweeting them, and organising them, and that's just the first pass through them. The next pass will concentrate on the images, pinning them and adding longer descriptions as appropriate, and any further interlinking. After that, I will look into expanding some of them. All in all, quite a bit of work to do here. By next month I should have made a dent in editing them, and should be able to start seeing what income they are producing.

It's still hard to see what, if anything, is happening on RedGage, as their figures are still not being updated on a regular basis. Traffic also looks like it may be down.

Finally Expertscolumn. There is now a means of contacting them, so I did about the problems I've previously mentioned. The article that wasn't mine was removed from my account, but the two missing ones were gone forever. Fortunately, I still had them backed up, so that's a lesson why you should backup your work both locally and through cloud storage. The more ways it's backed up, the better.

Amazon didn't earn anything this month, for the first time since September. This is quite worrying, as Amazon have in some cases closed accounts for not making any sales, although I cannot see why they would be doing this - it's not like it actually costs Amazon anything for someone to have an affiliate account that isn't earning.

I'm still in the Petting Zu on Zujava. adragast posted in the forum on the site (something I'm unable to do myself) regarding the issue, but there does not appear to have been an official response to his suggestion as yet, so there still haven't been any new Petting Zu graduates in months.


The total earned in March from HubPages was $0.50 from 61 Hubs, down from the previous month.

HubPages appear to be trying to improve the quality of their Hubs again, as a number became not featured due to engagement. In most cases this was quite easy to fix by removing my own, personal Amazon link from the beginning text module, although two have proved harder to fix; in one case after doing that it went from Not Featured - Engagement from Not Featured - Quality. I have since discovered that poll modules look to be an easy way of fixing the not featured issues, so I may go back and add my own Amazon link to some Hubs to see what happens.


A payment of $7.90 was received from Squidoo, which is the first time since October that I have received a payout simply from one month's efforts. Sales and traffic there do seem to be trending upwards at the moment, although the Ad Pool and Text Link Ads pool shares are still performing quite poorly.


$252.78 in cleared and pending payments were received from Bubblews during the month, up slightly from the previous month, although in real terms the income was probably down, as poor site performance during the month and frequent outages continued to cause damage to earnings from existing posts, as well as new ones still not performing as well as they would have done previously. A total of 178 new posts were posted on the site during the month.

The search engine rankings, measured using Long Tail Pro, of the posts looks to be creeping upwards again slowly. The performance on Bing is, in some ways, better than that of Google, as more posts have a ranking in the top 500 but, unless a post ranks on the front page, any traffic tends to be negligible.

The measured residual income of the 80 posts being tracked came to $5.62 for March, an average of about $0.07 per article and down from the previous month. Some of the measured ones only earned a cent during the entire month.

The 31 keyword researched articles earned only $1.51, down substantially from February and an average of just under $0.05 per article for the month. I do not think the constant server problems Bubblews keeps having is helping matters.

Plans for April

I'm still failing to be properly organised the way I want to be. Maybe I'll get this fixed in April. I should with any luck (it's dependent on a layout guy who's doing the first one as a free sample) have my first sort-of ebook published in April.

I still have an ongoing list of things that need accomplishing, plus continuing to integrate the article package I purchased, so I don't really need any new plans this month. That might not stop me though.

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