During May I listed six articles on InfoBarrel (8456 words), down from the previous month. Although writing targets were (nearly) met, a good chunk of the writing done is in a large, unfinished article and an even larger, unfinished article series. The published articles included one over 2,000 words and one with over 3,000, both of which cross link with each other and another existing article, and will also cross link with some other in progress work when finished. The remaining articles were small reviews and last months progress report.

The total number of words written in May was 30,109, slightly under the planned target of 31,000 although this was partly because I forgot there were 31 days in the month. No articles were submitted to Seekyt, Squidoo or Wizzley, and I didn't actually make the minimum number of points on InfoBarrel to get the maximum profit share percentage, with just 14 points earned, although this still got me in the Top 100 for the May monthly contest. This was in part due to delays in getting pictures ready for the articles. I do now have quite a few articles ready to publish.

I've nearly finished what will probably be my largest single article to date. Largest in that it is likely that it will be published as one or two articles, rather than as an article series such as my series on training Herblore in RuneScape. It's actually longer than I would like for a single article, but splitting it up is problematical.

I got the following articles featured in May; 15th September 1940 - The Day the Nazis Lost World War II, Yes Minister - One Of The Best Sitcoms You May Not Have Seen and Five Favourite Fictional Criminal Masterminds. Two of these were written to try and become features, although it was a case of write the article first and then see if there was any suitable topics in the  Editorial Calendar to submit them to, rather than look at the calendar itself for ideas or topics.

AdSense earnings are up from the previous month, although still on the low side, and Chitika's are slightly down. The majority of the increase was from InfoBarrel's mobile site. AdSense earnings were £1.39 and Chitika's $0.16 from articles on Seekyt, InfoBarrel and Squidoo. Still no earnings from Amazon related to articles, although I did finally make $1.23 in earnings somewhere from them using my default tracking id.

The editing and updating of existing and older articles has been continued, with more reformatting of articles, linking to media pages and updating of signatures.

Unlike what was expected in last months update, May actually had less articles published than April, but time was lost due to expected offline commitments. I'm again going to say that June should have more articles published, and I think I will finally get those blog posts mentioned last month published too. I'm also going to get at least one article based on actual keyword research published, although admittedly not research I've done myself, as I still find keyword research immensely boring (although it is profitable) in addition to many articles based on such research being boring to write.