During May I published 13 articles on InfoBarrel (9,220 words), 8 articles on Bubblews (4,108 words), 1 blog post (522 words) and 1 post on Expertscolumn (335 words). I also published 13 outsourced articles (11,162) purchased from Zerys across various sites; the articles being paid for from, primarily, Bubblews earnings.

The total number of words written in May was 16,113 which was slightly down from April. I published one private label rights article (525 words), and again had enough articles published on InfoBarrel to make the maximum revenue share.

NotebookI had four articles featured on InfoBarrel in May. Two of them were Some Tips on How to Save Money when Cooking for One and Why a Manned Moon Base is an Important First Step in Exploring the Solar System but the other two were unexpected features as both were actually written in May, so I wouldn't have expected them to be featured in the same month. One was actually featured the day after I published it. These two were Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness and Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6 and them being featured was likely due to the films being available in the UK before they were in the US, so I had published them prior to that and they were featured on the date of the US release.

Dollar SignArticle Related Earnings for May

AdSense earnings were slightly up from articles for the month after a pretty poor start to £3.32 on Seekyt, Wizzley and HubPages, with the majority being from Seekyt. This was down from last month, but included the first earnings from clicks on Wizzley, instead of the small amount of CPM earnings I've had their to date.

AdSense earnings are down almost everywhere; one exception is YouTube which achieved one of the highest months ever, largely down to the video I mentioned last month that was done solely to illustrate an article and has currently significantly outperformed the article itself., however, the total lifetime earnings from earned from YouTube are less than was earned from AdSense everywhere else last month, so this isn't that significant an increase. It's probably just a coincidence that one of the few places that didn't see a massive decrease in AdSense earnings is one of Google's own properties.

InfoBarrel earnings were $5.61 from tier 1 and tier 2 ads, slightly up from the previous month, with tier 2 ads again earning the most although less than last month.

RedGage earnings for May are currently unknown due to the site being upgraded. Hopefully after the site comes back online fully it will no longer be as notoriously buggy as it has been ever since I've been a member.

HubPages earnings were $0.38 from 13 Hubs. This was down from last month, even with quite a few new Hubs being published.

Expertscolumn stopped their revenue sharing program at the end of May. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough to cash out even after they dropped the cash out threshold, so that revenue is lost, and they also changed their terms so that articles on the site cannot be removed for several months; a rather underhand way of ensuring that they continue earning from people's work whilst not giving any recompense for it. Supposedly in September the site may have been improved, and possibly revenue share re-introduced, after earning from everyone's work without having to pay for it. Not that happy with that site at the moment.


This wasn't a brilliant month on Squidoo, largely thanks to their badly planned, badly executed, badly communicated and simply unprofessional attempts to clean up their site of the mess they made over the past few years. I had ten lenses locked without warning, or even a decent explanation - if there is a problem with the lens that has resulted in their filters flagging it, there is an explanation as to what the problem is. Not disclosing this reason and having you trying to guess it is frankly idiotic. Some of my locked lenses were my highest earners, so I expect another drop in earnings in the future. Last month I reported that traffic had been staggering back up; this month it was halved. The payment received this month was $10.89 from tier earnings and Amazon payments.

I am not planning on doing any more on Squidoo until they actually manage to sort things out, if they can, and if they start behaving in a professional manner. Various HQ posts suggest that the types of lenses they seem to be after will not do well on Squidoo unless they are in the top 2,000 lenses, and so are more worthwhile posting somewhere else. Amazon product review lenses, which are the way most actually earn from Squidoo, they now want to be written in the first person without any details on the products themselves, which at best looks unprofessional and at worst as if the author is lying - "Yes, I personally bought and tested all five different variants of this product!"


108 posts were made on Bubblews, possibly the highest ever, which included the eight article length posts mentioned earlier.

In May five payments were received totalling $126.96, one of which was an echeque that was in progress at the end of April, with another payment in progress for May. The total earned in May was $141.28 which includes the echeque payment that was in progress at the end of the month and is the highest to date.

As an experiment I have also started posting some articles based on keyword research. These are all longer posts and I'm keeping track of them to see how they do. Three were published during May and, although none are in the top 10 on Google so far, they are ranking with one in the top 20. To really profit from these though more will need to be published.

Continuing with the testing of the residual value of my longer Bubblews posts, here are the figures for May. The 22 articles measured earned $2.61, an average of $0.16 per post. The eight posts submitted during the month earned a total of $5.34.

This Month

Because of what was happening on Squidoo I did not actually make the lens promoting advergame that I've have been planning to do; it wasn't worth finishing if I had no idea from one day to the next whether the lenses would still be there. I may get this finished this month. I have no real plans to add new lenses there, unless a couple of in progress articles have too many products in them to be submitted elsewhere.

As another Bubblews experiment, I have decided to see how much I actually write and post on Bubblews in June. I am also planning more posts based on keyword research.

I am going to continue adding Amazon modules to InfoBarrel articles; quite a few were done this month, but there are still more that can be added. Amazon is still not showing any earnings though.

I will probably get another article posted on Wizzley, as I have an outsourced article that I am planning to add there.