During November I published 36 articles on InfoBarrel (45,178 words), 7 articles on Squidoo (4,694 words) and 1 article on Bubblews (360 words). The total for personally written articles published during November was 44 articles and 50,232 words. As with the previous two months, most of the published articles were from an Oblivion article series. No outsourced articles were published during the month.

Notebook and Pen(122463)Credit: MorguFileThe total number of words written in November was 20,392, down once again and once again below the 30,000 words target. Quite a bit of time was spent on Squidoo, not only writing, adding and editing articles, but experimenting with the site and browsing articles on it. This was done with the intent of increasing familiarity with how Squidoo works. Most of the articles published were not based on any research and were designed to build up an article "node" on Squidoo. Several articles published near the end of the month were written using some keyword research. It will be interesting to see how they do over the next month, although the articles themselves were not that interesting to do. Once a method that works has been accomplished, it will be possible to start outsourcing them.

There was one article featured in November, Movie Review: Looper (no features had actually been expected) which did quite well from a traffic point of view becoming my second most visited article. I'm not entirely certain where the traffic came from; Google Analytics showed it to be mostly single clicks from parked and expired domains, so presumably it had ended up in some sort of feed for them.

Although the film Silent Hill: Revelation 3D wasn't that good, the review written of it did serve a useful purpose. Because the film starred Sean Bean, who was also provided the voice over for Martin Septim in Oblivion, I was able to link together that article with the main Oblivion article, which also ties in most if not all of the rest of the Elder Scrolls articles. With the film being in 3D, I was also able to link to the article on 3d film and television, which then provided links to (so far) twenty more film reviews and three book reviews, plus an article on fictional serial killers on InfoBarrel and a further off site article. Although nothing else links into the Silent Hill article yet, it has nicely increased the interlinking of my articles, especially on InfoBarrel.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for November

The total earnings from AdSense from articles was £2.87 from InfoBarrel, Seekyt and HubPages, down from both September and October, although still higher than August.  Traffic is up, although this isn't having a noticeable effect on income as yet.

Chitika earnings were $0.45, up substantially and were probably the most earned from Chitika in one month. This was mostly due to clicks on one product based article on Seekyt. After checking the site in Google Analytics to find out which article the clicks had come from, and then viewing the article in question, I discovered that Chitika actually had relevant ads on the article - the first time I had ever seen that. It would appear that articles of that type are therefore suitable for earning from Chitika.

HubPages earnings from the HubPages Ad Program and eBay Program were $0.29, substantially improved from October's earnings, although nowhere near their high yet. It appears that the Hub is recovering from the EMD/Penguin hit.

RedGage earnings were $0.05 from two articles. There were no new features so no new feature bonuses.


78 posts were published on Bubblews during November, including the one of article length (325+ words). The total earned during November was $64.05, with two payments toalling $51.31 received. Less posts were made and less money was received during the month. This was due to the site being down or not functioning correctly during much of November due to the recent rapid expansion in the number of users. This undoubtedly reduced search engine traffic as well to the site.

I have started measuring the performance of the longer posts on Bubblews. The 12 article length posts (325+ words) published on the site, excluding the one published in November, earned $2.47. This was residual income from work done in previous months (the articles themselves have earned $12.02 in total between them). Although other shorter posts may actually have done better, the longer ones are the only ones I'm keeping track of. The residual earnings from them averaged out at about $0.20 each. Not every post is earning that as with 352 articles published at the end of October a minimum of $70 in income before the income from new posts was taken into consideration would have been expected. It does show that the longer posts are earning residual income, even after the initial earnings during the month in which they are published - the sole article published during November earned over $2 during the month.

This Month

Last month I reinvested some of the Bubblews earnings into a Squidoo ebook and published three lenses based on the book. Further research and more Squidoo lenses are planned to be published this month also. Some articles have had the new InfoBarrel Amazon module added to them; during this month this module will be added to more of them.

Article publishing is probably going to be down for this month. I have quite a few in progress articles, but they are primarily longer ones and in many cases still need more research doing so, with the current commitment to Squidoo, it's quite likely that I won't get around to completing them. Squidoo articles tend to be shorter and quite time consuming to create.

I still haven't come up with any ideas for an advergame to be used to promote any of the articles.

I have a possible idea for an ebook which would be a large expansion of an already published article (which would then be used to promote the book). This month I'm going to start planning it out and seeing what further research needs doing.