During November I published 13 articles on InfoBarrel (13,326 words), 4 articles on Bubblews (1,427 words) and 1 blog post (427 words). I also published 1 outsourced article (632 words) purchased from Zerys, primarily using income from Bubblews, across various sites.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileI added two more articles (1,841 words), or leaves, to Zujava, which took me to the minimum three required to leave the Petting Zu, although I have not heard anything as yet. From comments I've read by others, they don't appear to be the fastest site to approve you. Either that, or they don't have a good method of telling you that you haven't been approved.

The total number of words written during November was 31,357, up substantially from October.

I had five articles featured on InfoBarrel during the month, all of them film reviews, Movie Review: About Time, Movie Review: Ender's Game, Movie Review: Rush, Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World 3D.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileArticle Related Earnings for November

Another poor month for AdSense, with only £0.12 earned from Seekyt and HubPages. AdSense as a whole has been performing poorly in recent months, and there was a drop in YouTube earnings too, which admittedly wasn't unexpected.

InfoBarrel had its best month to date with $14.09 earned from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, up several dollars from the previous month. Tier 2 ads continue to do well on my articles that were previously generating traffic but no income.

This was another month in which I made a couple of Amazon sales from my personal account with $1.20 earned through Squidoo. (Side note: December's Amazon sales figures are already the best ever).


There was another lens locked during November - at least, I got a message saying it was locked, even if it isn't shown as such in the dashboard as yet. The lens had a score of less than 100; presumably (and hopefully) this is why it was locked. Annoyingly, there is no means of checking a lens score without visiting every single one, which is time consuming at best. If this was the reason for the locking, I remain hopeful for the remainder. I didn't add any more lenses during the month.

I didn't receive any payments from Squidoo during the month, as the amount earned - $4.68 - was insufficient to breach the payment threshold. Sales in November look like they might be up slightly. My sole Amazon earnings of the month were through my own account on Squidoo though.


I earned $0.92 from 60 Hubs during the month from the HubPages' Ad and eBay programmes, up a bit from the previous month, although there weren't any Amazon sales. Again, no new Hubs were published during the month.


I received a total of $275.13 in cleared and pending payments from Bubblews in November, down quite substantially and lower than the previous two months. This appeared to be from several reasons. I had two failed and missing payments, one from a cancelled echeque and one from a server error when I made my redemption request. I don't know why the echeque didn't work, as I had another that did clear on the same day - although perhaps that's why the other payment didn't. Bubblews made an overhaul to their customer service at the end of the month, so I submitted an email about them to the new address and got an automated reply. Now to see if anything happens - their customer service has been quite poor for some time.

Another reason would appear to be because of the typhoon that hit the Philippines. A lot of Bubblews members are in that country, and I noticed a sharp drop in traffic immediately afterwards. Still, I'd rather suffer a loss of traffic than be hit by a typhoon. The third reason that I know of is that my keyword based articles dropped in the rankings, according to Long Tail Pro, which made a noticeable difference, as will be detailed below. This was an expected result though. Some do appear to be climbing back up again.

I made a total of 200 posts during the month, including the four longer ones mentioned at the start. Here are the residual income results for the 67 longer posts published prior to November. In total, they earned $11.58, and average of approximately $0.17 each, down by about two thirds from October. Having articles going from making dollars to pennies in a month makes a substantial difference. The four new articles published earned $3.33, suffering from the overall loss in traffic experienced.

The 31 keyword researched article published - no new ones were added during the month - earned less than 1 cent per day each, also down on the previous month, for the reasons mentioned earlier.

The frequency of cash outs has dropped to one every two to three days, rather than the one every day and a half to two days that it was at the start of the month.

Plans for December

Looking back on November's plans, I don't actually appear to have accomplished any of them. I haven't made any progress on a niche site, made a Flash game so I could release my advergame, added much in the way of blog posts, arranged any outsourced articles or finished the research necessary for some longer, in progress, articles. I also didn't start a planned release of a series of posts on Bubblews, but this was partly due to the rather poor performance seen during the month of new posts, so I decided to wait until things improved a bit.

Going by all that, I still have a fair old list of projects that need doing next month, so there isn't really any point in adding more, although I may have another go at niche site research. I also need to get some graphics sorted out for an article that I've written but not published; this will probably require buying some Flash assets (which can be reused elsewhere afterwards).