During October I published 44 articles on InfoBarrel (44,702 words), 6 articles on Bubblews (2,981 words), 2 blog posts (729 words) and 1 article on RedGage (352 words). The total for personally written articles published during October was 53 articles and 48,764 words. Once again, the majority of the work published was from an Oblivion article series. Two outsourced articles were published (1,408 words) both of which were purchased last month.

NotebookThe total number of words written in October was 22,219, down again and below the 30,000 words target. This didn't come as a huge surprise due to feeling burned out from the Oblivion walkthroughs. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during October, The Rise and Fall of British Tramways and Visiting Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire and Ham and Mushroom Calzone Recipe. The article on Crich Tramway Village was the best article published in September.

I again placed first in the October contest on InfoBarrel, largely down to the Oblivion walkthrough mentioned below, which has also added a lot of points to November's contest.

Oblivion Walkthrough

I finished publishing the last Oblivion walkthrough during October and the beginning of November, Windfall. As mentioned last month, these are draining with 52+ hours spent on playing the game alone and I didn't actually get it finished until the end of the month because I simply didn't feel like writing it. The Windfall article series is now massively interlinked, with a few outgoing links to other articles on InfoBarrel, a process which in itself took a day. Frankly, I'm glad that's over for now.

Dollar SignArticle Related Earnings for October

The total earnings from AdSense from articles was £4.84 from InfoBarrel and Seekyt, which included the first advertising click on Seekyt. AdSense earnings were slightly up from September, although still below July's. Traffic is still not converting very well into clicks.

Chitika earnings doubled this month - to $0.08. Chitika performance is still poor.

HubPages got badly hit by the combined EMD/Penguin update at the beginning of October. Although not every Hub was hit, mine was, greatly reducing traffic (to zero initially and still seeing no traffic at all on many days) and consequently the earnings from the HubPages Ad Program and eBay Program were down substantially to $0.06, the lowest since it was first published.

Once again there were no Amazon earnings in October.

RedGage earnings were $5.24 from two articles. This includes one article that was featured during October, which is where the majority of the money was earned. As an aside, I also won the RedGage daily contest of $25 once which was cashed out using to the EntroPay virtual credit card.


137 posts were published on Bubblews during October, which includes the six posts that were long enough to qualify as articles by my definition (325+ words). The total earned during October was $77.30 with three payments totalling $76.34 received. It's planned to reinvest these earnings into outsourced articles.

The longer articles don't, as yet, seem to be performing as well as the shorter posts when the time spent on creating each is considered. It may be that this will change as the articles mature, as those with more content seem likely to get more search traffic. Two out of the top posts listed on my profile are longer articles, and I think my top three articles for earnings are all longer ones and, notably, they are also the oldest so it looks like the others could mature.

And Finally

I also got an Amazon gift voucher for £60.91, equivalent to $100, from the InfoBarrel September contest. After the previous month, I contacted admin as suggested by Economist and asked if I could have the voucher for the Amazon UK store instead of the US one which they obliged with.

Blog Posts

I published two article sized blog posts, one of which was (finally) one of the posts I'd been planning to finish for months. The blog's Alexa ranking is still climbing thanks to greater activity.

This Month

I didn't get the Bubblews income reinvested as was planned last month. This was due to burn out from September's Oblivion walkthroughs which also delayed the finishing of the last one.

I did make some progress on a couple of Flash games, which I plan to finish this month. Now, if I could only think of what sort of game to make to use to promote my articles.

Traffic is not currently converting well into either AdSense or Amazon revenue. It would probably be an idea to look into this to see if earnings can be improved, possibly through using a greater degree of affiliate marketing.

I haven't had a chance to look into ebooks yet, but hopefully I may do so this month. I also want to see whether it would be legal and possible to convert at least some of the Oblivion article series into ebooks, which might be a better way of earning from them.