During October I published 12 articles on InfoBarrel (9,531 words), 2 articles on Seekyt (1,358 words), 2 articles on Bubblews (1,114 words) and 1 blog post (360 words). I also published 8 outsourced articles (7,637 words) purchased from Zerys, using income from Bubblews, across various sites.

I also added 1 article (698 words), or leaf, to Zujava, but as three articles (leaves) are required before any of them can be published, this has not as yet gone live as this is the first thing I have written there. Hopefully I will get more done before too long so that they can actually be published. I am still failing to get any more articles listed on Wizzley, even of the type that is accepted (and frequently featured) everywhere else. I need to work out what they are actually looking for.

NotebookCredit: MorgueFileThe total number of words written during October was 18,345 words, up substantially from September.

Six articles were featured on InfoBarrel during October, many of them reviews of recently released films, Movie Review: The Call, Why Your Company Needs a Website, Investing in Stocks and Shares for Income, Movie Review: Escape Plan, Movie Review: Machete Kills and Movie Review: Runner, Runner.

Article Related Earnings for October

My overall AdSense earnings are still remaining fairly low, again with the exception of YouTube, which has actually passed my other AdSense earnings combined.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileThe total earned from AdSense from articles was £1.31 from Seekyt, TopicSpotter, Wizzley and HubPages which is up quite a bit, although still below their best. Seekyt earnings are starting to pick up again.

InfoBarrel did much better this month than last, and in fact got the best earnings ever at $11.11, which was slightly higher than August, from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads. This also takes me over the $50 earning threshold for InfoBarrel, so a payment will be due from them shortly.

As mentioned in previous months, I am still struggling to increase my earnings from Amazon other than through Squidoo - and even there we're not talking any serious income. I did make the grand total of $0.84 this month which was up substantially (from zero) last month, but still pretty pitiful.

RedGage has still not finished updating their earnings, so I still don't know how well my two articles have performed there over the past few months. I have also been hanging back with adding new content of any sort, simply because I don't know what, or even if, new content is earning until they get their reporting up to date.


I earned $0.78 from 60 Hubs this month from HubPages' Ad and eBay programmes, which was down from last month. Not many new Hubs were published during the month, and that is currently where my biggest earning spike is coming from. Hopefully, my Hubs will start to mature and actually start earning some decent money. The Amazon earnings outside of Squidoo was earned from HubPages this month.


I had one lens locked, which was one that I was expecting to be locked, given that it was the last remaining lens of a particular format. I actually published a few new lenses during the month, which are my first published there since things went to pieces earlier in the year. Now to wait and see if Squidoo start changing their minds about things again.

A payment of $7.09 was received during the month from Squidoo, but the next payments are likely to be small, even if they don't roll over into the Reserve Hopper, which seems quite likely.


I received a total of $410.03 in cleared and pending payments from Bubblews during October, up again.

There were 227 posts, including the two longer ones mentioned earlier, published in total during this month on Bubblews. Here are the latest residual income tracking for my longer posts for the 65 posts published prior to October, with them earning $31.11 between them, an average of just under $0.48 each, up slightly from September. It should be noted that some of the shorter ones have actually earned more than some of the longer ones, partly due to better earlier performance, but there is a limit to what can be kept track of. The two new articles published this month earned $2.26.

The 30 keyword researched articles published before October earned an average of about 2.5 cents per day each. Again, a lot of the money earned came from one article, although a different one to the previous month, which is now my second biggest earner. It was, apparently, number one on Google for several weeks for the tracked keyword, which accounted for a lot of the traffic. Again, a lot of the keyword researched articles have dropped down the rankings, according to LongTailPro, and, as a consequence, I expect the average earnings to decline next month, barring anything unexpected.

Cashouts on Bubblews are staying fairly constant currently at one every two days.

Plans for November

I completely forgot, until it was mentioned in the forum, to do doing anything for the planned niche site during October. I do have a list of article topics that I want articles writing on, but I haven't actually had any written as yet, nor have I arranged web hosting or bought a domain name. I should make a point of remembering to do that this month.

I don't have many outsourced articles, either topics or finished, queued up to be written as yet, but there are some areas I have research planned on. I still haven't made much, if any, progress on various in progress articles I have had ongoing for some time - over a year in some cases. I need to organise my time better, and finish the needed research.

I have a series of several dozen posts, mostly short, that I plan to finish and start releasing on Bubblews this month. Other than that, I need to finish a new Flash game so I can put my finished advergame into full distribution, to see what that accomplishes.

I've also been neglecting my blog (again) over the past few months, so I hope to start being a bit mroe active there again.