During September I published 45 articles on InfoBarrel (50,002 words), 2 articles on Seekyt (774 words), 2 articles on Bubblews (816 words), 1 blog post (372 words) and 1 article on RedGage (349 words). The total for personally written articles published in September was 51 articles and 52,313 words. The majority of the work published was from three series of Oblivion  articles. One outsourced article (923 words) was published, with two more commissioned but not yet published.

The total number of words written in September was 30,109 which was down quite a bit but still met the 30,000 words target. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel during September; Mythological Makeover - The Zombie and Body Snatching, the Resurrectionist Times and the Burke & Hare Murders. These were by far the best two articles published during August, and were expected to have a good chance of being featured. Mythological Makeover - The Zombie acquired a lot of views after it turned up on Reddit, outstripping the next best article's views by more than ten times and currently making up a substantial percentage of the total article views on InfoBarrel.

I placed first in September's contest on InfoBarrel; something I have been trying to do for months. This means that I finally have gained an achievement in the only achievement category I was missing, that of Contest Winner. Okay, there is a prize of an Amazon gift voucher also, but I really wanted that last missing picture.

Oblivion Walkthoroughs

A large amount of the published work in September is from these. They are really time consuming; The Lost Spires series took up to 40 hours simply playing it and about 3 hours linking the articles together - and that's before writing a single word, never mind taking and cropping screenshots and assembling and annotating maps. After the currently in progress walkthrough is finished, I may leave well leave them for a while - it's draining and I don't yet know if they are going to perform at all. Currently I'm feeling a bit burned out from them.

Article Related Earnings for September

The total earnings from AdSense from articles was £4.74 from InfoBarrel, Seekyt and HubPages, with the latter two again being minimal and only from impressions rather than clicks. AdSense revenue was up substantially from the previous month, although not as high as July's. Although my articles are getting a fair bit of traffic, most of it isn't converting into clicks. This was no great surprise with the Reddit traffic, but it's annoying for the normal traffic.

Chitika earnings for the month were up - to a massive $0.04 - from the previous month's zero. Chitika continues to perform badly.

HubPages earnings from the HubPages Ad Program and eBay Program were up substantially to $0.89 from my hub.

There were no earnings from Amazon during September.

RedGage earnings were $0.01 from the one article published there


129 posts were published on Bubblews during September, which includes the two posts sufficiently long enough to qualify as articles by my definition (325+ words). The total earned during September was $47.70 and two payments were received during the period, totalling $50.03. The earnings for Bubblews were, and will be in the case of the second payment, re-invested in outsourced articles.

And Finally

A final item of article related income was a $25 Amazon voucher from the InfoBarrel June contest. Pity it can only be used in at Amazon US.

Blog Posts

Even though I did publish one article sized blog post, I still haven't published the two mostly completed posts. More posts were published as a whole during September, which has resulted in the blog's Alexa ranking improving slightly again.

This Month

I plan to re-invest the second payment received from Bubblews during the month in some more outsourced keyword researched articles. I didn't manage to further develop any article nodes as I'd previously planned last month, but this should be done in October, at least partially from the outsourced articles. I may even finally get those blog posts published. I'd also like to try and get a couple more article sized posts on both RedGage and Bubblews. Articles submitted to these sites are likely to be quite small.

I have a feeling my writing level may be lower this month; as mentioned, the walkthoughs have left me feeling really drained and nothing in November's feature list really inspires me. I do have some in progress work I'll probably continue with, albeit slower, and one or two do fit in next month's features list. I might make a Flash game or two just to take a break, just to see how I feel.

Another area to take a look at is to see if my Burke & Hare article could be expanded upon and developed into an ebook.