During September I published 11 articles on InfoBarrel (9,176 words), 6 articles on Bubblews (3,614 words) and 3 article on Seekyt (1,857 words). I also published 15 outsourced articles (14,015 words) purchased from Zerys, using income from Bubblews, across various sites. The total number of words written during September was 12,632 words, down slightly from August.

Article Related Earnings for September

My overall AdSense earnings are still remaining, except for YouTube, pretty low and stagnant across the board. The total earned from AdSense during the month from articles was £0.17 from HubPages and Seekyt, up from the previous month but still very poor. Ever since Seekyt's redesign, my earnings there have gone down substantially. I'm not sure if there is a connection, but there may be.

Pen and BookCredit: MorgueFileInfoBarrel got their AdSense back during the month, which meant that Tier 1 ads were active again and were no longer displaying the Tier 2 ads. As a consequence, my earnings went substantially down, rather than up, to $3.99, my lowest amount earned in a month from the new system. Article traffic, as measured by ad impressions, was admittedly down quite a bit, by about 20% from the previous month's traffic. A goodly proportion of my articles make most of their money from Tier 2 ads, rather than Tier 1, and probably get a lot of repeat views from individual users for a time.

I'm still not seeing any success from Amazon, outside of Squidoo. I again made nothing during the month, and only one order from nearly 500 clicks during the last quarter - and that was from a Squidoo personal link.

RedGage have still not moved all the data over to the new system - the old data has been transferred, but that for earnings since the upgrade are not done yet, so I don't know how well it did.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileHubPages

I've noticed that the maximum number of items that will be displayed in HubPages eBay and Amazon modules has decreased  - to one. I think this is down from a high of four only about a year ago. This seems to be part of the trend for HubPages to make Hubs substantially less commercial. Others are removing featured Hub status from those with a lot of "generic" commercial stuff, such as eBay and Amazon modules that aren't about specific items, and personal Amazon search affiliate links.

The total earned in September was $1.12 from 58 Hubs, up slightly from the previous month.


One recent change Squidoo have made that I really don't like is, when a lens falls into work in progress - which can happen quite easily, especially if it attracts only seasonal traffic - anyone who visits it get the message "This page is not currently public." The explanation given is that it was unpublished after remaining in Work In Progress status for over a month. A month here actually meaning immediately it falls into WIP status.

This means that anyone who visits doesn't see the lens. Which is a potential sale lost, and a potential lens rank increase lost. This can be fixed by republishing the lens, but it is annoying to have to do so, especially as it seems somewhat buggy, either that or Squidoo have no grasp as to what a month actually is and that there are more than one day in them.

I received a payment of $28.88 during the month, which included Reserve Hopper earnings for the previous month. Many of the lenses that earned this money have now been locked, which isn't good for future earnings.


I received a total of $352.94 in cleared and pending payments from Bubblews in September from Bubblews.

In total, 202 posts, which includes the 6 articles mentioned earlier, were published on Bubblews during the month. The residual income tracking results for my longer Bubblews posts are as follows, with the 59 existing longer posts earning $25.17, an average of slightly more than $0.42 per post, substantially up from the previous month. The six new articles published this month made $9.14.

The 27 keyword research based articles published prior to September earned an average of slightly more than $0.02 per day, up from the previous month. A lot of the money for the longer articles came from one article (which is now my biggest earner) which was within the top 10 on Google for some weeks, however, a lot of the keyword articles, including some of my previous best performers, have been knocked substantially down the rankings for the keywords I am tracking, according to LongTailPro.

There was another failed payment; the response to this one was less promising than the one from August, as the email just had a link to a Bubblews post identical to the one which I had got the email to, and as a result I think this payment can probably be written off. Annoying, but fortunately only about 2 days income.

My cashouts are still increasing in frequency, with some done about a day and a half apart, although two days is the norm currently.

In Addition

Some time ago I wrote an article about a number of article writing goals that I had set. One of the goals was to make eating out a legitimate, tax deductible expense. I had already written a number of reviews about various places, but I had thought that I couldn't write about the same place twice, and, due to the nature of things, I do visit quite a number of restaurants more than once. I then realised that, as I have content on a number of sites, there was nothing to stop me from writing a new review, about a new visit, and posting it on a different site, especially if I ate something different - the same food really wouldn't make as unique an article. I have since done four articles, all published on Seekyt.

I did attempt to publish one on Wizzley, but it was rejected. I would have thought an 800 word completely original review would have been acceptable, but apparently not. I am really struggling to get anything published on Wizzley, as I have more articles rejected than published and, in some cases, I cannot tell the difference in quality between those rejected and those accepted - they appear to be the same.

I also finally managed to publish an advergame, as first mentioned months ago, that's promoting a Squidoo lens. It's far too early to see if anything comes of that as, so far, it's not in wide distribution, and is only available on a couple of sites. Until it goes until full distribution, I don't know how well it will do. Still, at the very least, the game is making me some money anyway, and it didn't cost anything to promote the lens, so nothing is lost either way.

Plans for October

I haven't written, or had written, anything for the planned niche site yet. Hopefully this will be started, at least from a content creation point of view, in October. Once again, I made very little progress with my various work in progress articles.

More outsourced articles will be published in October, although I have not as yet seen much return for my investment.