Read to Your ChildFirst, this article will not address the misleading idea of infants reading books as some products do. However, it will discuss how to help develop a love for reading in your children, starting at infancy. Reading is fun. Not to mention, it is a very useful tool in surviving the world we live in.  Sadly, many children aren’t interested in reading as the constant flow of new gadgets and technology advances. How can parents develop a love for reading in their children, despite the technology increase? A few simple things can be done.

Reading to Babies in the Womb

Reading to your unborn child can be beneficial in several ways. It helps relax the mother and child, it helps support a close parent-child bond, and it helps the child to developed language skills they will use later in life. It’s not that your baby is taking pen and paper and writing down words he will say once he’s born, but according to, “the rhythm and melody of voices they hear serve as their foundation for language.”

Read to Your Child

Read a variety of books to your child. It sounds simple because it is. Reading to your child can help them develop a love for books and reading. You don’t have to read for hours, but reading a few minutes a day can go a long way. Bedtime for school age children can be a good starting point or bath time for younger ones. As you make this your everyday routine, you will notice a difference in your child’s language development and his excitement for story time.

Pickup a Book Yourself

Most parents are aware that children are more likely to do what they do rather than what they say. If your children see you talk on the phone or text a lot, you will likely see them imitating this around the house or during their play time. Therefore, a good way to help them appreciate literature and books is by showing them you think it’s enjoyable enough to do too in your spare time. Soon you will see them imitating you in this regard as well.

Create Your Own Library

Proving your children with a variety of books will give them the opportunity to explore the world of literacy and in turn help their language skills. One way to do this is by creating your own library at home. You can add to it little by little as you can. The reward in the end is well worth it! Parents can always make good use of the public library. They sometimes offer story time and other literacy programs for children of all ages.