The album's production and editing and seqeunceing is the cited as the best in Hip Hop history by several publications and reviewers. The guests on the album range from Nicki Minaj to Elton John. Considered Kanye West best album.


Several of the tracks Kanye leaked himself as part of his G.O.O.D. friday series where he realesed a song a free song a week to his fans from his vault.

Full Review

The new king of hip hop controversial Mr. West has just turned the table on all of his naysayers. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of, if not the most ambitious record ever created in Hip Hop history.

Obama called him a donkey, as many people did around the globe, after his grandi nterruption of Taylor Swift's award speech in order to announce to the world that Beyonce should have won. He's an emotional guy prone to public outbursts, but with that being said, emotional people are very in tune with themselves, and Kanye has no problem adopting the public opinion of himself to further show his genius.

Kanye warns you all to "Runaway" as fast as you can on the 2nd single from MBDTF. The song starts out with a haunting piano intro that slowly pulls itself together into the signature riff, and by the time it gets up to speed your ears are met with thumping drums and screaming "LOOK AT YA!" samples going all over the sound system with a synch line complimenting the piano riff. Over this beautiful dark instrumental he insults himself, and talks about his problems in relationships. This creates an anthem for his critics that has many of them singing along. His honesty is respectable as the second line seems to float by that he sent a girl pictures of his naughty parts, then they hit the net not to long after. The single was promoted with a short film directed by Hype Williams which contains the music video along with clips of other album cuts such as "Dark Fantasy," the albums opener.

"Dark Fantasy" starts out with a vague introduction by female hip hop artist Nicki Minaj. Building upon this, the infectious "Can we get much higher? How high? So high," chorus sample resonates over beautiful piano chords before kicking into probably the most traditional hip hop sounding beat on the album. The melody has Wu-Tang written all over it which is expected since RZA is credited as one of the Producers.

West's knack for creating comedic lines that seamlessly flow into his social and self commentary are strong as ever, "got so much h***, I woke up in sleepy hollow." He is here to prove that you can exploit your expensive taste in fashion and lifestyle without alienating hardcore hip hop fans and being called a "sellout." He has class, but his heart is still in being a technically skilled hip hop artist who pushes himself lyrically and musically as he puts it, "DJ's listen to the models."

Next comes Gorgeous featuring Kid Cudi and Raekwon. The song's title defines it. Kid Cudi delivers the songs hook and unless you've been under a rock, you know he is the go to guy for a catchy chorus backed with emotions that seems to pour from his vocal chords. The beat should immediately have any hip hop fan bobbing their head or tapping their feet. I myself a hip hop producer, writer, and emcee can't resist it. It's flawless.

Then comes the albums first single, "Power." The video is one long shot in slow motion of Kanye walking into an epic scene with sword fights and females adorned with horns and wings. It is one of the two anthems on this album that really show off Ye's ego. Considering the effort that has been put into the instrumental and the epic feel it conjures, it is hard for one not to agree about how great he is. Furthermore, I am sure after all of his success that he has earned the right to throw some weight around.

"All of the Light" comes next, and in this writer's opinion, it is technically the best track of the album. The instrumental is big and orchestral. It's stadium music, and it's an anthem. The guest list include Rhianna, Kid Cudi, Fergie, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Elton John. What else do you need for a great song, Steven Tyler singing "skip dop a dee dop doo? Monster is the next song, and it is just that! Featuring artist Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. It sounds like Kanye, Jay-Z, and Nicki were competing for best verse. While all were strong, Nicki steals the show being a newcomer. That is quite a feat! She is all over the place with her flow and accent. She may wear a wig and put on more accents than any other rapper since Eminem, but she deserves her spot in the music biz. She is talented. As she sums it up with this, "If I'm fake, I ain't noticed cause MY MONEY AIN'T!" The beat is stripped down compared to the rest of the album, but the base is thumping as it starts to catch up to the lush sound of the rest of the album throughout the outro.

"So Appalled" featuring Jay-Z, Push, T., Swizz Beats, Prynce Cy Hi, and The RZA has a slow menacing beat that is a certified head nodder, and anyone trying to get into rap needs to take songwriting notes form this track. Verse after verse with top grade lyricism is displayed, and just for fun the RZA jumps on the last chorus. "Devil in a New Dress" features Rick Ross, and it is produced by Bink! The beat is slow and soulful, and the songs overall sound and style is reminiscent of what West was doing on his sophomore effort, Late Registration. It is the most relaxed track on the album, and after all the high energy tracks, you are going to need something to relax to.

Next is "Runway" followed by followed by "Hell of a Life" which should wake you back up with its flashy beat ( picture fireworks in Vegas). On here, Kanye's humor is in top form, but most of his lines are too raunchy to repeat here. The chorus is not as immediately catchy as the ones on the rest of the album, but it grows on you with repeated listens.

"The Blame Game" follows, and is one of the best songs of the album. This track is about an ended relationship, and Kanye's statements like, "I know you was out somewhere doin ya own thang, and when I called you the phone rang and rang, but it accidentally called me back, and I heard the whole thang…I heard the whole thang…" hit hard in the chest of anyone hurt when a relationship has soured.

"Lost in the World" featuring Bon Iver, starts out with a long auto-tuned intro by West, and turns into another great fast paced anthem thought not the most accessible tune on the album. This is mostly for hardcore West fans that love grimy beats, but if you have made it this far, then you're probably a hardcore West fan, and you'll probably love it just as well.

"Who will Survive in America" is the albums closer. It keeps the pace set by "Lost in the World" with Gil Scott-Heron speaking such things as "America is now blood and tears instead of milk and honey," over the busy drum pattern. It is a fitting outro, and I'm sure if we would focus on more important things than what Kanye West is doing wrong, then we could better ourselves and our country. That is just what I took from it.

Kanye spent millions making "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and it has ended up on many albums of the year list. It you're a true fan of the art of music, then you should jump at the chance to get this. It's engineered, produced, and sequenced as if Kanye consulted The Beatles and George Martin. Matter fact, in the album Kanye poses the question, " What's a black beatle anyway? A roach?" This album is a must for Kanye and hip hop fans alike, and just about anyone else!





In Closing

I recommend "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" to anyone who likes Kanye West and what the rap genre has to offer.