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My Blog Guest is a content repository site that can be a good help for web site administrators. Thousands of articles are available for free distribution to web sites. The authors provide well written content that is categorized in many broad areas. Web masters can review the available titles and submit an offer to publish.

When an author receives offers, they may elect to accept one. If they do, the associated article is officially reserved for the requester to publish. At this point, the author waits for notification that the article has been published. Some authors have a limit of work that they may submit to the site. Accordingly, they appreciate faster publishing of their titles.

When a requester receives a notification of offer acceptance, they will be given access to the text of the piece in question. This will allow them to read the content in its entirety. The requester can elect to publish the item or not. If they reject the article, it will return to the pool of available titles for the consideration of other web administrators.

If an article is published on the Internet, the web site essentially becomes the owner of the article. It receives the exclusive publishing rights to the article. It does not include modification rights. If the article requires edits, the web administrator should discuss specifics with the author before publishing.

Luckily, most works available on the content providing site are very well written. Authors are very qualified in their chosen categories. In most cases, the amount of editing is minimal, and many works can be directly published.

Many times, images are included with the piece. In some cases, the rights to the images are not are clear as they are for the text. Unfortunately, the author may include images that have a usage right that is incompatible with the destination web site. It behooves the web site administrator to carefully check the rights to any included images. If there is any doubt at all to the correct usage of the image, the web site administrator should remove the image prior to publication.

Using My Blog Guest With WordPress

My Blog Guest offers a WordPress plugin which makes the requesting and publishing process much faster for web administrators. This plugin allows the viewing of the available articles by categories. If a desired piece is found, the web admin can request the title without leaving WordPress. If the author accepts the author, the WordPress dashboard will show this fact. The article can then be loaded into the WordPress editor and published. Finally, the web admin can send a positive review to the author, again without leaving WordPress.

The My Blog Guest WordPress plugin speeds a number of publishing tasks which were fairly laborious in the past. This tool is a great time saver and it reduces the chance of error as well.

While the plugin allows both perusal of titles, and requesting of same, it may actually be easier to use the web site when reviewing available content. The viewing screen in the plugin is actually a little small for efficiency, for many people. In time, this may be improved as the plugin is often updated to enhance usability.

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Why Use MyBlogGuest

As a web administrator, you may want to consider My Blog Guest as a way to obtain quality articles for free publication. Content is available in many categories to suit many purposes. Broad topics such as "Business", "Education", "Traveling", and "Technology", are just some of the many examples. Only titles are shown. The actual text of the work is not shown, only a short excerpt. The rest of the text is reserved for the web administrator who receives publication rights. Were the actual contents displayed, there could be the possibility of someone publishing the title without the necessary approval to do so.

Many web administrators have found that they can quickly, and easily, obtain several high quality articles from the site. This allows them to boost their site content without having to perform as much of the writing themselves. In exchange for the publishing of the item, the author usually receives a link to their own web site or to their biographical information. It is a very good arrangement for both the web administrator and the author.

The site is administered as a membership arrangement between authors and site administrators. Membership for web site operators is free. Authors submitting their work for consideration must pay a listing fee in order to be featured in the content gallery. A content sharing forum is also available. The use of this feature is free for both authors and web site administrators. While sharing arrangements are sometimes negotiated in the forum, the real sharing power comes through the use of the gallery.

MyBlogGuest now also offers infographics. These are single graphic slides that illustrate particular data. They may include multiple statistics so that the viewer can easily compare related data points at a glance. For example, an infographic may show the population of each population segment in a community. Each data item could be shown as a combination of text and a special graphic symbol. Color is often used to great effect in this items. Web administrators may find that the inclusion of an ingraphic will add a great deal of visual appeal to a web page.

Infographics are a relatively new addition to the MyBlogGuest web site. Their use is much less common than that of textual content. In time there may be an expansion of the number of inforgraphic items to be shared. Currently, there is no way to use the WordPress plugin to request or publish these items.

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