One of the most important decisions facing parents of a newborn is which car seat to choose. Over the years, Britax has been one of the leaders in the industry and markets a full line of infant car seats.

They have been the best-selling infant car seats in Europe and have become very popular in the US since they entered the market in 1996. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three models: the Britax Chaperone, the Britax Marathon, and the Britax Roundabout.

The Britax Chaperone infant car seat is designed for infants from 4 to 30 pounds. It performs well for the new born because it has a foam insert that lifts the baby and allows the harness to fit better. It has an easy to install base and the carrier has guides that help you lock it into the base.

You can adjust the height with a knob and bubble indicators make it easy to tell if you have the proper incline. The seat is expensive considering it can only be used for about the first two years and it is also bulky and may not fit in every rear seat. Its best feature is its ease of use.

The Britax Marathon, while also an expensive choice, can be used until your child weighs 65 pounds. Like the Charerone, this seat is known for its ease of installation and use. One of its best features is clips that lock on to the seat belt and hold the seat tightly.

It also has LATCh for both rear or forward facing positions and adjustable recline. It comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning. The biggest drawback is that it is bulky, especially when facing backwards, and although it can be used for a longer time, it is not the best choice for tiny infants.

The Britax Roundabout is one of the least expensive of the manufacturer's models. It has a 55 pound weight limit and a foam insert for positioning newborns so you will be able to use it for many years. The arm and headrests, as well as the high-density foam and side impact protection, make this seat not only safe, but comfortable, as well.

It has a no twist harness that is easy to adjust and distributes shock to the strongest parts of the body in the event of a crash. Unlike the Marathon, it does not have locking clips for the seat belts and the foam insert for newborns has to be purchased separately.

Britax car seats are known as "the Cadillac" of infant car seats. They have high safety ratings but are easy to install and use, as well. Their attention to detail and great features make it easy to see why Britax is one of the leaders in child safety products.

Although they are higher priced than many other brands, it impossible to put a value on your child's safety and comfort. These infant car seats are well worth the investment.

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