Womens Rally(93855)
Credit: Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan

My Top 5 To Do's.

We all things we want or wish we could do, yet so many of us never actually do them. So I decided I’m going to write my bucket list now at an earlier age, and try my very best to do them all in my upcoming years.  Nothing is out of our reach if we try hard enough, and if you sit down and actually write all your wishes and wants down, you’ll find many are a lot are very easy to do. Don’t let the if’s, but's or expenses stop you, just write them all down.

Having children at an earlier age, meant that I forfeited a lot of my “party” days. So I still have a lot of little and maybe silly things I want to do as well as the big ones. But where to start! I don’t really have any particular strong interests, yet a lot of little things I enjoy. But one thing I always swore I’d do is burn my bra at a woman’s rally in aid of women’s rights.

That sounds very feministic, but I’m not really. I just can’t stand the whole “Women belong in the kitchen” scenario. So me burning my bra would be half sticking up for women’s rights, and the other half to spite my partner, cheekily of course.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a mother and partner, I do all the house chores. Cooking, cleaning, children’s homework, feeding the pets etc. but I do them because they need to be done, not because I am told to do it or its job being “the” woman. I believe in equal rights, a man and a woman can both do equal, as long as the job gets done. Of course there are obviously things that only one can do, or more suited to a male or female, but I’m more meaning in general.

So number 1 on my bucket list – Go to a woman’s Rights Rally.

I don’t have anything else that I always swore that I would do. So the next ones don’t come in any particular order, more wants and desires.

I’d love to Travel and see some of the world. I live in Australia, and have never been to any other countries. Have travelled within Australia but never beyond. The world is such a big place, so many incredible things and people out there. Searching through the internet and watching television, I’ve seen some things that would be amazing to see up close. On a concert trip we once stopped by a Church in Sydney Australia. Amazing! I’m not religious, but it was absolutely beautiful inside and so peaceful. Even those who aren’t religious could sit in there for house in serenity.  The effort and detail was amazing, let alone the size of the actual Church, and that was just what we were allowed to enter. So I can only imagine some of the other Church’s and buildings around the world. The resorts and beach’s mmmm.. So many to choose from, I can just picture lying on the beaches, and sipping my Pina Colada (although technically I’ve never tasted one). Even the simple things such as going to the Casino’s or the Clubs you see on T.V, walking through the Rainforest, or sitting in a queue to see something special…I want to do it all.

So number 2 on my bucket list – Travel


A Sydney Church

I’d probably say the next thing I’d like to do, is be able to come home to “my” home after all that travelling. So buy a house is definitely on my to do list. As we are yet to purchase our first home, I’m constantly looking at houses and prices, until the time is right that we finally buy one. Although as most people are, buying a home usually puts you in a lot of debt with the banks, but having the security of somewhere to live, and the freedom to decorate as you wish, makes it all worth it. Besides, it may take you 20 years or more, but at the end of the day, your home is yours.

So number 3 on my bucket list – Purchase first house

Adrenalin…Something that a lot of people need and live by. I personally don’t, but I do love the rush when you occasionally do something crazy, fun or even terrifying. But there are so many things to individually list when it comes to a bucket list, for Blogs sake I’m not going to name them all. Simply put them under Adrenalin.

Skydiving would most likely be the top of this list. Although I am Terrified of heights, I want to go skydiving. I’m not really sure why, as I’ve told my partner once we are up there and ready to jump, he would need to push me out. Although unless you are an experienced Jumper you would have a partner/instructor with you attached to your back. I think that alone might be what makes it less scary for me. Knowing they know what they are doing and when to pull the string that’s going to save my life. I just think the thrill of jumping from an airplane especially when I’m so scared of heights, would be amazing and most likely feel like an accomplishment (despite most likely having to be pushed out of the airplane to begin with).

The next unpredictable rush I think would be swimming with Sharks. Although I’m not a fan of Sharks, I’m an up close and personal kind of person. I like to see things in “real life” so to speak, rather than on T.V. or magazines. Animals are unpredictable creatures, even tamed ones or pets. At the end of the day anything can happen. So despite being in a cage under water (and praying that it holds) I think having the sharks so close to me would be amazing. I personally wouldn’t doubt the cage, it would have been tested many times before, but people like my partner who have a fear of sharks, the rush would be crazy taking fear into account.

So number 4 on my bucket list – Adrenalin rides

This brings me to number 5 on my list. I’m only going to list 5 on this for length reasons. And to get you thinking of your own bucket list. It’s never too late to start one, or anything for that matter. Which is why number 5 on my list is choosing a career.

When I say chose a career, doesn’t mean I don’t have a job. I am a Mother, Cleaner, Cook, House Hold Zoo Keeper, Bank, you name it. It just means I want to find something I want to do when my mummy chores are over.

As a child we all thought “What do we want to be when we grow up?”... How many of us actually put it into play? Although as a child, you are usually unaware of the big things, such as degrees, expenses and other things required for each job, its more the “Oh I want to be a hairdresser or Dentist” simply because we have seen them or like them. Don’t get me wrong, some people have followed through with their childhood dream jobs, but not a lot. Usually coming to some decision later in life or high school. I personally did well at school, but went into retail and then had children. 8 years later a receptionist, and no particular career. I want to feel as though I’ve set my goals and hit it, become someone particular and am happy with my career choice.

Which is why number 5 on my bucket list is – Finally decide on a Career and follow it through.

Well for now I’m going to leave my bucket list at 5. As there are hundreds of things I would like to do and simply couldn’t list them all. After creating my own bucket list I went searching to read what others had on theirs, and wow some people had some amazing ideas!

Swimming with the Sharks
Credit: Islanders Dive Center