my car won't start

My Car Won't Start whats wrong?

Well if you are having problems with your car and it won't start, than it can be a number of reasons, but the most common one is either the battery, leads or your starter motor. These are the most common problems that cause a car not to start, below are a few tips to check out your car before having to send it to a mechanic. And having to splash out on money when you may be able to fix it your self.

If you suspect it is the battery you can do a check to see whats wrong, most batteries have a life span of about 3 to 4 years if well maintained and well cared for. Firstly look at the cables that are attached to the battery you will see each cable has a positive and negative at the end, if you see any corrosion around theses points in a green color than it may be a bad connection which will prevent the full power of the battery reaching the starter motor.

Simply undo the leads to the battery using a spanner get some course sand paper or a wire brush and lightly brush or sand away any corrosion that you can see from the points of the battery. Here is a good tip you can use, to make a strong connection add some Vaseline to the connectors to improve the power to the starter motor this will make the current flow more freely.

Obviously you will know if it is the battery if it doesn't start at all but if you have a good charge coming from the battery to the starter motor then 9 times out of ten it's the starter motor, if you are not familiar with this component then i suggest you get professional help. But here is another tip you can do and that is to locate your starter motor it will be attached to the fan belt, then with either a mullet or hammer gently tap the side of the frame a few times and start the ignition again. This is done because sometimes the internal components of the motor may sometimes seize, and by doing this you can get them turning again, if the car still won't start, then it could be a mechanical fault. In which case, unfortunately you may have to seek professional advice, it's best to let the pro's do it than to make matters worse and more exspensive.