Not all children are prodigies

Do you often shake your head when listening to other parents talk about their children?  Do you often try not to laugh when you read posts on blogs when people describe what little Johnny or little Betsy did today with play doh?  Or how about having to stifle a laugh in the grocery store when overhearing people talking about how Jethro turned a tin can into a nuclear reactor just before nap time?

If you have done any of the above or even more than join the club called "My Child is Not a Genius"!  Maybe I'm just different or immune to telling such stories. I believe I'm just a realist.  My daughter is a pretty bright kid who unfortunately lacks any common sense.  I guess I'm odd that I just don't have the urge to brag to strangers how she put on matching socks today!

I cringe when I hear how your five-year old is reading 5th grade level books.  Hooray for you is what I often think then I go into thinking "well ok, he can read the book, maybe or maybe not but can he understand anything in the book".  My child is really into books, has always been, but I'd be fabricating the truth if I said at five years old she understood what the words meant in a 5th grade level book.  Sure she might know a lot of the words reading wise but comprehension wise, I don't think so.

I just smile and shrug when I hear your second grader is doing algebra.  Are you sure they aren't just learning the alphabet during math time?  I've seen your kid finger paint and honey I hate to tell you - he's not a genius - he drinks the paint.

So while you think your child is a genius in reality they are just kids.  If everyone's child was a prodigy you'd think the world would be a better place.  But I think we need to face it, your child is probably no different from my child or the child up the street. They still are fascinated by belly button lint, play with their toes (hopefully not in public when they are over five years old), and can't cross the street without being reminded to look both way.

Seriously not everyone has a Baby Einstein do they?