"Help! My Computer Keeps Freezing!" Do you hear this or say this a lot yourself? Well, the Internet has available many different programs to help you with that broken computer of yours and many of them are free!

Computer Running Slow? Why?

my computer keeps freezing

Often, a computer running slow can be solved with a few simple tune-up programs. This is because, like humans, computers need regular check-ups too. The older a computer gets, the more information it is going to likely hold. Also, not all of that data is always even needed. Paths made to missing shortcuts is one example. A free registry fix program can help you clean all of that out.

Computer viruses love to attack the unprotected computers. What is worse is that if your computer does not have a form of antivirus protection installed on it, it will not even know when it becomes infected. When you see your computer acting strangely like running much slower than it used to or taking away the ability for random programs to run it might because of a virus wreaking havoc. There are many websites where you can download free anti-virus software.

Spyware is often a subject you and your computer should be concerned about. Spyware can sneak on to your computer with the intent to steal all your account information such as stored bank account numbers. Free spyware software is also available on the Internet to keep spyware off your computer and delete any that is already on your computer.


The following programs are recommended free programs to keep your computer clean and free from the malicious content listed above. The good programs listed here are just a few of many out there, and if you decide to buy the software, user support is a definite advantage over free software because they know you invested in your product.

Registry Mechanic

This is a great program used for safely cleaning your registry and keeping it clean. There are free versions available that can help tell you how many problems, serious or not, that are on your computer. The paid version actually helps you remove those errors.


AVG is a free antivirus program with very good reviews. It can scan your computer, comes with free updates, and it can alert you of threats as they appear. If AVG is not for you, some form of antivirus software is definitely recommended, or you are putting your computer at risk.

-SpyBot: Search and Destroy

This is a program I, personally, have used for a long time. It scans for malicious content on your computer and deletes it. It finds those programs that are tracking what websites you go to without your knowledge and gets rid of them. It tries its best to find any type of software that is trying to compromise the security of your computer.

All of the programs listed are mentioned because of personal experience. There are probably many other programs out there that are just as great. Just read reviews and download smart!

Final Thoughts

"My computer keeps freezing, but it won't be much longer!" This is what you will be saying in no time with the proper computer protection. The perfect slow computer fix is just around the corner, and these are just a few of many Slow Computer Solutions.