Digital Food Weighing Scale

Have you looked at the amount you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?   I recall a young woman who was having trouble loosing weight.   I asked her, “Have you looked at the portions you are eating.”  Her reply was, “Oh I eat small portions.”   As I observed her at a meal, what she called small was quite large.   Therefore, we really need to know how much is too much.   Some people do not know that.  Some may need to decrease the portions that they are eating.  

Although I do not use one, you might consider using scales to weigh portions of food.   I know people who have  argued that is too much trouble.   Possibly, it is too much trouble.  Would it be worth it if you truly want to lose weight? I remember a relative that had a scale to measure her portions of food.   I eat smaller portions of food.  In addition, I eat 4 small meals a day as oppose to the traditional 3 meals a day.

I have learned to start reading labels when I buy food at the grocery store.  You might be amazed at the ingredients you find.   This is a consciousness that I am making a habit of doing.  You can choose to do this also.  

I cannot stress enough the power of positiveness.   I had to change my way of thinking.  My thinking determines much about my weight.   I believe that I can, I tell myself that I can even though sometimes, I may not feel it.  

I once had a close friend that told me when she felt bad physically she made it a point to attempt to look her best, regardless of how she was feeling.   I always kept that in mind.

I cannot emphasize enough the value of  exercise.   I make it a point to have some form of exercise daily.  Walking is the best for me.  When I do not walk, I do Zumba.  I have discovered that Zumba gives me a great workout.  I mean that I really sweat.   In addition, I like the music too.   I love music.  It is just soothing to my soul.  

Sometimes I will just turn my radio on or listen to my smooth jazz CD’s.   This is all apart of my weight consciousness habit.   These are healthy habits. 

I have not arrived.  I must constantly be vigil with my weight conscious habits.       Do you take time to rest, during the time that you are writing.     That is something that I am still working on.  In addition, I am still working on going to sleep when I am sleepy.   Sometimes I will ignore the sleep when I want to finish a project.  That is a no-no.  I have gotten better at it, but I still have not arrived.


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