Of all work from home opportunities, I chose to put my eggs in the ehow basket. I wanted a work from home job that would let me make money online. I first heard of ehow on a news segment for work at home Moms. I did a lot of research, googled for ehow reviews and visited the ehow forums for information. It seemed like a great opportunity to make money writing. All I had to do was write step by step instructions on how to do something. It didn't seem like it would be hard work, it wasn't like thesis writing or anything that difficult. Being that I am never short of ideas, I decided this would be my own work at home business.

When I started at ehow, I set a goal of two articles a day no matter what and I stuck to my plan. Every day I saw a little more money for my efforts. Even though it was only pennies a day in the beginning, it soon increased to dollars a day. I really felt this was going to work out. I knew that it wasn't going to be a make money fast and easy site. I knew that ehow is based on the promise of residual income. Many who frequented the forums spoke of the $500 per month club. They said it would take time and patience to get there, but definitely do-able. Many of those writers had 200 to 300 articles and really weren't focused on writing much more. I was excited!

By September of 2009 I had over 300 articles and I was making between $6 to $8 per day. I was thrilled! I was making money from home! Many of my articles were still new and hadn't had time to mature, so the possibility of generating even more income was definitely there.

In October of 2009 I had close to 400 articles and I was making an average of $11 per day. Ok, now I was really determined to build a large library. I felt this had to be one of the best work at home sites ever.

November of 2009 started out unbelievably well. From November 1 to November 12, the least I made was $15 in one day and the most I made was $28 in one day.

Those were the last of my good ehow days. From November 13 on, my earnings began to slowly slide. The people in the forums said it was typical of the holiday season. I believed them. My earnings in December dropped to between $5 and $8 per day. I slowed down on my writing and started some heavy duty promotion on Xomba and Shetoldme. I made sure to write my own summaries rather than copy and paste my intros because I heard google didn't like duplicate content. All of the promoting didn't help. I tweaked some of my no longer earning articles. It didn't help. In the back of my mind I knew something was wrong because my views were sky rocketing to triple and quadruple what they were in October.

Then all hell broke loose in the ehow forums. Some had figured out why the earnings were down sharply. The earnings fell off of a cliff because ehow cloned their own site, called it ehow UK, redirected articles to the new site and didn't compensate their writers. After much yelling and screaming in the forums, ehow stated they would remove the articles from the cloned site and all would be well. They also promised to generously compensate the writers for the UK.

Here it is February 2010. On 538 articles I am averaging $4 per day and dropping steadily. Ehow articles are still on the cloned UK site and there has been no communication regarding compensation.

The bottom line: steer clear of ehow. Of all writing sites that offer work from home opportunities, ehow has to be the most unethical. They do not communicate, side step questions or don't answer at all. Ehow deletes posters in the forums who demand answers or ask the tough questions. Put your time and effort into a site that appreciates their writers and treats them with the respect they deserve.