I started my journey in network marketing two years ago in 2008. At the time I was working at an academic department in my college. I didn't like it because they were beginning to implement changes in the office. So when my friend Harriet introduced me to network I jumped into in too quickly I thought it would be easy.

All I needed was to find four people who would find four other people and so on. The problem with my thinking back then was I did not know that making money takes time and I didn't have much patience back then.

I ran around with my up lines trying to sell skin care at vendor events. For me, it was difficult to speak to people about skin care that I wasn't all that into. It was also difficult for me to speak to people period because I am not much of a people person. Most of the time it was my uplines doing the talking. The thing I didn't like about vendor events was the fact that I was with my upline. Three mouths would try to chime in about the "natural" benefits of the products. There will be more on this aspect of network marketing.

Before I quit the company, I remember asking a friend to meet me to talk. I basically lead her to think that she was simply meeting me and not getting a presentation. I didn't know that this was the best way to go at that time but simply tried to take advantage of a new prospect. I got what I deserved for doing that to her and she didn't buy the products.

I saw every woman as a prospect to "share" the business and products with. After all, I had a goal to get to the top of the compensation plan in one year. I met a woman on my way to school and tried to slip in information about my products.

I eventually quit the company about early 2009 because I was uncomfortable with being a salesperson. I told myself that I wouldn't join another company unless I really liked the product.

I allowed myself to be sucked into another company in early September of this year (2010). I was much more cautious this time: I gave it much thought before joining. I consider the fact that my up line Harriet also quit the skin care company because the income was coming in too slow for her. So she joined a jewelry company that she loved and is now doing well selling the product. So I figured I should join a jewelry company too because that would bring in some great income.

A month later, I quit that company too and learned that network marketing was not for me. I am not that social and am not comfortable with getting out of my comfort zone. I realized it takes a lot of time and effort for you work to pay off- and that is fine with me but it is the convincing-people-I –don't-know aspect and the being-a-people- person aspect that is not who I am.

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