Everyday To Do List
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A few months back, J.T. O'Donnell posted an interesting article on LinkedIn titled "10 Things To Do Every Workday".  The list included such items as reading something about your industry, communicating with past colleagues, and checking in with each team member on progress. Also popular are To Do lists for personal errands and household chores.  But why not create an Everyday To Do List that encompasses all aspects of one's life, both professional and personal?  

For many, finding the work life balance is a difficult challenge with work often overpowering one's day.  By creating separate To Do lists, wouldn't it further segment the professional life from the personal, creating a greater disparaity between the dichotomies?

As a self professed workaholic, one of my own personal goals this year was to maintain a better work life balance and therefore increase personal satisfaction. A comprehensive Everyday To Do List would aid in achieving that goal. This list would satisfy both work and personal agendas, ensuring that my personal priorities are also maintained.  Of course, the list wouldn't evenly distribute the quantity of workday tasks to personal tasks but it would still be an attempt to not let my work priorities completely overshadow and replace the important personal daily objectives.  

My own Everyday To Do List is constantly evolving but as an entreprenuer and recently wed wife, here is an example of what my list looks like today. 

My Everyday To Do List

  1. Check all inboxes and prioritize all emails, responding to customer inquiries in 24 hours or less
  2. Read something related to business development
  3. Check in with business partners on progress
  4. Touch base with at least 2 people - past colleagues, classmates, friends, family members, etc
  5. Complete at least 1 item related to the short term growth strategy
  6. Complete at least 1 item related to the long term growth strategy
  7. Clean cat litter boxes
  8. Complete some form of physical activity (yoga, bicycling, walking 10,000 steps in one day, etc)
  9. Ensure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink
  10. With my husband, discuss our day and tell each other "I love you"