Selling a car at Carmax

Carmax is a great place to purchase a new or used vehicle, but it's also a wonderful place to sell your car without having to use listings and classifieds to get people to look at it. I recently sold my car at Carmax and I want to give my experience and why you too should consider selling with them.

Initial impression

When I first walked in I was greeted by a friendly associate that asked me what they could do for me. Since I was there to sell my car I told her and she promptly sat me down at her desk and began to talk about the selling process at Carmax. I thought that it was very easy to understand, what kind of things they will look at and test, and then after the initial assessment and test drive they will come back with a price and write me a check. I thought that was as painless as it could possibly be for selling a car. The lady told me to drive around back and park the car and hand in the keys so they could begin the inspection.

Waiting time

At the time I was selling my car it was during the time when the 2012 Olympics were on so when I went to the waiting room area it was nice that they had a big screen TV with the Olympics on to pass the time. Since I had never sold a car before and certainly never had experience with Carmax before I didn't know what to expect. I watched TV and read a magazine and in less than an hour she came back with the inspection report and price tag. I was amazed at the time it took! They had done a road test, full inspection, and assessment of any potential problems in them reselling the car.


Carmax Selling

Sitting back down with the sales lady she went over the issues and good things about my car and showed what was weighed in the decision for the end price. After that she gave me the price they would pay for my car and it was a fairly good price considering how old it was! This was amazing and I think that the effort Carmax puts into their assessment with all the findings they have on my car is great in keeping me informed.


Now that I accepted the deal I was lead back into another room to finalize the details. The car was emptied out with all of my belongings and handed over the keys. The plates were taken off and given to me as a souvenir and then we finished up the paperwork to transfer the title to them and then they gave me a bank check in my name. Easy process that resulted in no more than an hour and a half of my time and afterwards I took the check to my bank and that was it. No classifieds, no listings, no potential buyers and waiting for people to call, instead just a simple fair process and I'm out the door without any worries.

Review of Carmax

I can safely say that Carmax is a fantastic place to consider selling your car to. Obviously even though their price was fair you could get more money for your car if you sold it by yourself and without the help of them or a dealership. The problem is that you have to spend time and money putting out listings and then waiting for people to call. With Carmax it was simple and easy and I'm extremely glad I sold my car with them because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of selling my car.Carmax Car

The process was quick and painless, and I was treated very well by the staff. The location was perfect and the amenities are very nice in the waiting room while they did their assessment of my car. The sales lady was respectful of my time and my feelings on things, and walked me through the process step by step so I was never unsure about what was next. The paperwork portion at the end really took me back because usually the stigma with finalized paperwork is pain and time. Neither of these words would I attribute to Carmax's selling process and paperwork process as it was quick and easy. Just a few signatures and disclosures and a check was in my hand and I was out the door.

If you want to sell your car and don't want to waste your time with classifieds, consider locating a Carmax near you. They are quick, friendly, painless, and offer you a great rate for your car. Because of their process I wanted to make this review and thank them for their service, and I can't recommend them any higher than I already am. They are wonderful in their selling process, and you can get there in the morning and be back for lunch no problem.