Bobby Flay


The Nice and Cool things that happened to me and at the event and what he cooked.


Some people said on the Syracuse, NY Blog that he wasn't what they thought he would be like

Full Review

Getting to meet Bobby Flay in person at the NY State Fair in the summer of 2009 was one of the best experiences in my life! why may you ask? It first started with a free live 45 minute presentation at the Chevy Court making 3 dishes with pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes and some other stuff with the help of some expert assistants. There were also were some people including myself who asked live questions for Bobby to answer. When it was my turn to go up to the microphone near the stage I started out by telling him how much him and Rachael Ray have inspired me soooo... much to become a chef that I would apply to The Art Institute Of Houston for college, I asked him if he gets to see alot of his daughter Sophie and he said he does all the time he wanted to bring her with him to this event but she was 13 at the time and had already started school he said. I also told him to remember my name Claire Penaloza The Next Food Network Star and he said he would. After all the questions people wanted to ask him got answered and the presentation ended it was time for the booksigning. Me and my friend and I waited and waited in the long line for at least 2 hours, then when it was getting close to our turn I asked and shouted to Bobby if he writes his own recipes and he said he did I told him I did too. When It came to be our turn at the booksigning he forgot to look at my dad's camera while our picture was being taken but he was still in it even though his head wasn't straight up looking forward. I also gave him a ribbon that has the same symbol as the NY excelsior flag and said "#1 Food Network Chef Bobby Flay" on the back it had the date I gave it to him and said on the back (To: Bobby Flay/From:Claire Penaloza) then before I left I said to him Maybe in the future we'll cook together sometime?.

In Closing