I'm not someone who gives a huge deal of investment in time when it comes to nail care. I'm on the go, doing practical things during the day. If you enjoy  bumbling away in the garden, taking the odd weed out of your veggie patch, then you just have to know that a manicure is not going to last all that long so why bother?

I was in the mall about two months ago and came across another home nail care product, which I would have walked passed, but I got talking to someone who came from the region of the Dead Sea, where the product has been formulated. A conversation was struck up because I have travelled around Israel, but I still was not interested in the product.

I guess after the demo I couldn't help not to be really impressed. This was like a manicure that makes your nails look really shine in a couple of minutes. On top of that, its main function is to strengthen the nail so you can leave them plain and they will look good, but if your nails are everything to you then this is the easiest way of giving yourself a full manicure with a nice coat of paint on top.

Dead sea nail care comes out tops

Aqua Mineral Spa comes in many different varieties, which can rehydrate your skin and improve different parts of the body, but I just had a look at the Nail Care kit. This comes with a hand lotion, cuticle oil as well as a buffer that is easy to manage. There are three sides to the buffer.

You start with the rough edge, move your way to the softer side and then shine those nails up with another side. Each application will take a couple of seconds and the shine will last up to a month. This is perfect for people who don't have time to fuss with their nails. Put 15 minutes aside every month for your nails and you will be on the right track.

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How Dead sea salts helps to manicure your nails

If you take a trip to the Dead Sea you will see loads of people floating around in this mound of water located in the middle of nowhere. For some, the attraction is something special because it is a type of pilgrimage. Others are amazed with the fact that you can bob around like a cork. Then there are people who take trips to this Sea because of a variety of medical issues. 

For water to actually hold someone up, you can just imagine how many salts are in the sea. These salts are responsible for actually curing things like psoriasis and helping people with acne. It goes much deeper than the appearance of your skin. There are 35 different types of minerals that have known to produce good results to different types of skin types. People with arthritis and eczema or those who have aching feet flock towards these waters.

I give full marks to the hand lotion which should be applied after the buffer. With ingredients like Jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, the right amount of Dead Sea minerals as well as things like Vitamin E and Ginseng you are really going to help you feel like new again.

Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea Professional Nail Kit in Delicate Dew
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(price as of May 16, 2015)

Top tips for nail care

Buffing is excellent for your nails. It promotes circulation and gives a fantastic shine, but if you overdo this, you will find that it will have the wrong kind of an effect on your nails. Stick to doing this once a month, otherwise you could do some damage.

Different people have different needs for their nails. We don't all have brittle nails, but for those of us who do, it can be a nightmare. Fortunately there are treatments for this. Firstly you may want to look that you are getting enough iron and zinc into your body because this is one thing that helps strengthen the nails.

  • Torn nails are not uncommon, but you have to know how to treat them in order for them to grow out in the right way and so they don't cause you an unbearable amount of pain. You can tape the nail up and then trim it when it begins to grow again. Applying clear nail polish may help it from tearing further.
  • Cracked nails are often the result of being exposed to water for long periods. This could be long baths or washing the dishes. Protect your hands with rubber gloves.
  • Have your nails professionally polished every so often if this is not where your expertise lie. Having really well polished nails says a lot about a person. It will tell them that you really care about yourself.
  • You can often see that there is something not quite right in your diet by looking at your nails. Eating the right foods will give your nails a big boost in the right direction. Protein, Iron and particularly biotin are all things to slip into your diet plan.
  • Giving your cuticles enough moisture is important because nails often become dried out and start to crack because there is no moisture so invest in a good cream.
  • Shaping of the nails plays a big role in the outcome. If you get this right you could prevent a lot of accidents. After you have trimmed you nails straight across, file down, in one direction.

 buffing nails

Moving onto the polishing of the nails, choose a color that will normally go with, depending on what you wear on a day to day basis. Colors change just like trends, but you can always find something classic.

Tighten the cap properly. When you are about to apply the polish, scrape the excess off on theside of the bottle and apply with even strokes. Be patient if you are doing this yourself because it may take a couple of times to get the technique right. Make sure the paint is completely dry before getting on with your housework.