So many small business owners are deciding to take their web design into their own hands.  I think this is a great approach because once you know how to build a site, the online world is totally available to marketing your business.

Moreover, you're not reliant on a webmaster to make changes (which can take a long time).

Of course, the trouble is choosing a website building platform, of which there are many.  One platform that's excellent and popular (which I use extensively) is WordPress.

But, with WordPress, you must choose a theme.  You can use free ones or buy them.  When you buy them, you have to decide whether to go with a single theme purchase or buy an all-theme package.

All-theme packages aren't for everyone, but they can be incredibly useful for small business owners (which I am and consequently am a member of several theme clubs).

The following sets out the pros and cons of paying extra for all-theme access.

Pros of All-Theme Memberships

1. Memberships Provide More Variety

Without a doubt this is the greatest advantage to all-theme access. Having choice helps with testing website effectiveness. For my second business site, testing made all the difference in the long run turning an unsuccessful site into a successful site

I love testing new designs because for little work you can seriously improve performance.

Trying new themes was the answer when after testing 3 designs, I found one theme that converted so much better than the other designs.  It surprised me and taught me the importance of testing on websites.

2. Memberships Save You a Lot of Money Per WP Theme

Because I have several memberships, I have hundreds of premium theme designs which I can use for testing.  Even paying for more than one membership has saved me money if I had purchased each theme individually.

3. Sometimes You Get to Try New Designs in Beta

Some theme developers will give members early access to beta releases which is great. You can build newly designed sites before the theme hits the market.

4. The More You Use Different Themes, the More You'll Learn

Because I have access to many premium themes, I use a lot of themes. The result is I've learned a ton about customizing themes which in the long run has served me very well.

5. Ideal for Web Designers

Memberships are the only way to go for people who build sites for businesses. Having access to many designs saves time and money for clients. If you build template-based sites, you definitely want to state this, explaining the obvious advantage is it saves cost. However, you can customize designs quickly and easily for clients so the site is unique, yet you didn't have to build it from the ground up.

Cons of All-Theme WordPress Memberships

1. Costs More Money

Yes, the cost per theme is lower, but your up-front expense is higher.

Some memberships require you to pay again in the future.  This isn't necessarily bad ... you should just be aware of this with some all-theme memberships.

2. May Not Use Every Available Theme

Be sure you'll test different themes and use a variety of them before shelling out for an expensive membership.  Otherwise you waste your money.

3. There's the Risk that You don't Like the Themes

It's best to buy a single theme from a developer you've never tried to ensure you like the way they do things.  If you love the framework, then purchase the membership.