Single Motherhood

When my husband passed away with cancer many years ago, my children were all teenagers.  It was a frightening experience for me, having to raise them alone, but it was my husband’s wisdom that saved the day.  He had encouraged me to return to school after we were married and I did.  As a result, I had a salary that allowed me to take care of my children after he passed away.

Having been a teacher, I was able to move into Administration with my new credentials.  I am proud to say that my three children have college degrees, two of whom have master’s degrees.  We had planned for their college education, so I was not burdened with it by myself.  We saw to it that they did not have college loans to pay back.



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My Grandchildren

My oldest daughter has four children and returned to the market place when they were older.  She had been a CPA, but went on to get her Master’s in Education and now teaches at a private school for children with autistic syndrome where she is being exceptionally successful with her students.

Her oldest daughter graduated last year from Georgetown with majors in English, Education, and Psychology, and received her Phi Beta Kappa key.  She is now in graduate school at the University of Virginia where she has received a five-year scholarship in a Clinical Psychology Program.  We are planning to visit her this month.

Her oldest son is a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York majoring in Computer Science.  He has been interested in computers since he was eight years old, and is on the Dean’s List at RPI.  He has been able to obtain a paid internship for the past two summers at a nationally known company.  The internship is not usually given to a student after his first year, but my grandson received it.

My daughter’s third child, a daughter, is a Freshman at Seton Hall and is majoring in Education.  She has always done well with children and this is the right career track for her.  Each of these three children have worked summers at their mother’s private school, helping out as aides with the summer camp that is offered to the students.

Her youngest son is in eighth grade, and I believe he will be the shining star in the family, which is a difficult goal since all of his siblings have done so well. 

Good Parenting Helps

I have no idea why my grandchildren have turned out so well.  I know it is good parenting on the part of their mother and father.  They make us so proud for more reasons than their academic achievement.  I look forward to seeing them about three times a year as they live in another state.

I Learn from my Children

My son has distinguished himself in the entertainment field, having been in musicals on tour in every state in the union, including Hawaii and Alaska.  He has also worked in Europe in several countries on that continent.  His career has given us so much pleasure.  We are all theater-goers who know the field from the inside.

My youngest daughter has one son who will soon be twelve years old.  He is the only grandson who lives in my area, so I see him a lot and stay with him when his parents have other duties or entertainment to attend.  I have never taken any money for this; it is my privilege to spend time with him.  He is deeply interested in X-Box games which he plays with his friends by contacting them by phone as they play.  I don’t understand it as they use a high-toned vocabulary which is all Greek to me.

My greatest pleasure is to spend time with my children and grandchildren.  We all get along, which I consider a blessing.

Here Are Some Tips

As an 84-year-old woman, I feel qualified to give tips on getting along with family, which I will pass on.

When my children were infants, I made a promise to myself that I would never do anything to alienate my children.  I had seen families break up and not speak to each other for years, and I did not want that to happen to me.  Perhaps I was a little lenient with my children, but I tried to give them room to grown when they were adolescents.  To this day, I try not to dictate to them or to criticize them openly, and it seems to have worked.  They have had their problems, but I never interfere in their relationships or in the way they choose to raise their children.

As an older person, I also steer clear of depending on them for help in any way.  Fortunately, I am in good health and can take care of myself financially and physically.  One of my daughters has asked me to email her every morning, as she lives out of town and wants to make sure I woke up that morning.  It is a lovely gesture and I am happy to oblige.  It brings us closer to have a short chat in the morning about what our day’s plans are.

I try to compliment my children whenever I can.  I thank them for their consideration.  Just recently, I emailed my daughter how much I enjoy a Christmas present she gave me two years ago.  I sincerely love the gift, and wanted to tell her again that it was appreciated.

Here is the Best Tip

They are my pride and joy.  The best tip I can give anyone is to love your children with all your heart.  That will be followed by only good things.

I am never lonely even though I live alone.  I have so many interests that I do not need to bother my children by being needy.  They have so much on their own plates.  I think I have gotten the point across to them that I can do fine on my own.

I always remember the birthdays of my children and grandchildren and always give them a gift.  I know they appreciate it as I always get a thank you from them.  This makes me happy.

I hope your children and grandchildren turn out well for you.  Love is the key.  Always let them know that you are on their side.


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