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My Favorite Books for Home Maintenance and Paint Techniques

Your home is your castle and the place you go to after a long day at work. It should be cozy, clean, comfortable, and the colors and décor should reflect your style. Getting your home to look ‘just right’ takes time and effort, and once it’s done you need to continue to work to maintain the cleanliness.

The following is a list of my favorite books on home decorating, maintenance and paint techniques.


Heloise from A to Z Updated
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Decorating and Maintenance

Heloise from A to Z

An Indispensable Home Reference Guide by America’s Most Trusted Household-Hints Advisor by Perigee Books: This is a book of priceless hints in dictionary form for people who are busy. The wide array of topics includes removing stains from clothing; unstopping drains; fixing squeaky floors; and saving supermarket dollars. In addition, there are a number of hints on using and caring for your home’s equipment, such as microwaves; PCs; VCR/DVD players; and more. There are also time and money saving checklists for avoiding allergens; saving energy; winterizing cars; running a garage sale; and selling a house. A shopping checklist is also included, useful to any consumer. This book is packed full of helpful hints in an easy to use dictionary format.

Making a Home by Better Homes and Gardens Books

This book provides helpful information and ideas to enhance your home. The chapters include organization; cleaning routines; surface care; furnishings care; kitchen keeping; living & dining rooms; bedrooms & baths; linens & laundry; house systems; home environment; entertaining; etiquette; records & references; resources; and a helpful index so you can find what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it.

Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean: Second Edition
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Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean by Linda Cobb

Let the Royal Highness of Housekeeping show you how to turn your home into a sparkling palace. Linda Cobb, aka the Queen of Clean has written a down-to-earth housekeeping guide for the average person, who, like the Queen, have better things to do than be a slave to housework. The Queen provides a collection of cleaning tips and shortcuts to get the job done, quickly and thoroughly. The book offers tips and hints on removing dust, rust, gum, fingerprints, stains, odors, and mildew. It also has information about cleaning leather, upholstery, carpets, windows, walls, floors, kitchen appliances, grills, and more. The Queen counts her pennies too, with inexpensive, environmentally friendly cleaning concoctions and ingredients you probably have never thought of, like tea, onions, lemon juice, vinegar, petroleum jelly, baking soda, plus the five cleaning products you should never been without.

The New Decorating Book by Better Homes and Gardens

No matter what your decorating skill, budget, or style, this book will help you make your house into a home. Packed with lush color photos and ideas meant to stir up the decorator in you. This 408-page book includes everything from picture arrangements and tabletop accessories to special features just for the home. You can even take the quiz included to identify your decorating attitude. With so much information, you will find yourself turning to this book time and time again.

Haley's Hints
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Haley's Hints by Graham and Rosemary Haley

For over ten years, Graham and Rosemary Haley have shared their simple, inexpensive secrets for solving household tasks through TV and radio shows, books, magazine, and newspaper columns. In this book you’ll find hints on environment-friendly tips on cleaning and stain removal; money-saving advice on pest control and pet care; practical pointers for children and seniors; recipe tricks; laundry tips; sewing hints; workplace wonders; plumbing, painting, carpentry, and electrical shortcuts; plus a whole chapter on pampering yourself. Some of the hints are unusual, using household items such as shaving cream, hair spray and so much more.

Paint Effects Masterclass: A Step-by-Step Sourcebook of Decorative Treatments
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Paint Techniques

Paint Effects Master Class (A step-by-step source book of decorative treatments) by Sacha Cohen

Paint is one of the oldest forms of decoration, and even the most ancient of civilizations left legacies of startling and sophisticated wall paintings.  This book shows you how to create a full range of decorative paint effects with confidence and transform y our home with any number of different treatments and styles. Cohen offers clearly written instructions, step-by-step photography and authoritative advice on using inexpensive materials. The enormous range of paints and paint materials available makes it possible for anyone to decorate their home in a way that can rival the ancients for creativity, if not for opulence. This book contains all the information to turn your home into a work of art, with expert advice on selecting and using the right equipment and a catalogue of paints, glazes and varnishes from which to choose. Over fifty different paint treatments are comprehensively demonstrated, including ragging; faux wooden finishes; and colorful patterned effects. From simple to complex, there are methods to suit all levels of experience and every kind of decorative style.

Painting Rooms: How to choose and use paint like an expert by Judy Ostrow

Home improvement specialist and interior decorator Judy Ostrow shares her expert advice on a wide range of paint and special-effects products available to master almost any painting technique. She provides a detailed, easy-to-reference guidebook of the latest painting products, and the best uses for each; a primer on painting tools, techniques, and new ways to use glaze, metallic, mix-in products, and more; no-nonsense formulas for mixing colors and achieving surface effects; and a room by room design guide for using paint and color to create the atmosphere you want.

Mastering Fine Decorative Paint Techniques by Sharon Ross and Elise Kinkead

Learn how to use paint to create texture, detail, illusion, and drama in your home. With a little patience, practice, and the simple advice offered in this book, anyone can transform an ordinary surface into a delight for the eye. Easy-to-follow techniques include sponging, ragging, stippling, color washing, spattering, combing, creating a sky effect, stenciling, marbling, and wood graining.

Debbie Travis’ Painted House Living & Dining Rooms by Debbie Travis with Barbara Dingle

No matter what your situation, formal or casual, open concept or divided spaces, this book offers enduring styles with 60 stunning projects that will transform your living and dining spaces into the favorite rooms in your home.

Recipes for Surfaces (Decorative paint Finishes Made Simple) by Mindy Drucker and Pierre Finkelstein

This is a complete step-by-step guide to more than 40 techniques, with foolproof recipes for walls, floors, ceilings, woodwork, and furniture. Simple and Drucker offer a clear, concise, and beautiful handbook with dozens of decorative painting techniques for the entire home, including sponging, ragging, stippling, color washing, spattering, dragging, stenciling, marbling, and wood graining. All made easy with simple step-by-step instructions. The book is illustrated with 225 full-color photographs that show you how to create handsome, professional-looking customized painted walls, floors, celings, and furniture.  

New Decorating Book
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