Capture the Christmas Spirit with Debbie Macomber Christmas Novels

With her impressive list of wonderful Christmas novels, no one weaves the merriment of the Holidays and the magic of love together like bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

I love Christmas. I’m a collector of all things Santa Claus. I’m also an avid reader. Put all these together, and a Debbie Macomber book is the perfect Holiday treat. Last Christmas, I read my first book of hers, and now I’m hooked, and plan to read all her books. I’m looking forward to her stories and meeting her delightful characters. Debbie Macomber pens the best Christmas novels, and each year, her heartwarming and uplifting stories touch her readers’ hearts and Holidays with her boundless Christmas spirit.


Debbie Macomber's Book List of Christmas Novels

Below, listed in descending chronological order, by publication date, is a list of Debbie Macomber’s Christmas books.

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“Hardcover Releases”

1225 Christmas Tree Lane (2011)

Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010)

The Perfect Christmas (2009)

 A Cedar Cove Christmas (2008)

Where Angels Go (2007)

Christmas Letters (2006)

There's Something About Christmas (2005)

When Christmas Comes (2004)

The Snow Bride (2003)

The Christmas Basket (2002)

Buffalo Valley (2001)

Shirley, Goodness & Mercy (1999)

Can This Be Christmas (1998)


Mrs. Miracle (1996)

Touched by Angels (1994)

The Trouble With Angels (1994)

A Season of Angels (1993)

Let It Snow (1986)

“Category Romance Novels”

Those Christmas Angels (2003)

The Forgetful Bride (1995)

The Matchmakers (1986)

Christmas Masquerade (1985)

The Gift Of Christmas (1984)


Trading Christmas (2011)

When Christmas Comes, Forgetful Bride

Christmas in Cedar Cove (2010)

A Cedar Cove Christmas, 5B Poppy Lane

Smalltown Christmas (2008)

Return To Promise, Mail-Order Bride

Christmas Wishes (2007)

Christmas Letters, Rainy Day Kisses

Home For the Holidays (2005)

When Christmas Comes, The Forgetful Bride

On A Snowy Night (2004)

The Snow Bride, The Christmas Basket

This Time For Keeps (2003)

The Forgetful Bride, The Matchmakers

Angels Everywhere (2002)

A Season Of Angels, Touched By Angels

A Gift To Last (2002)

Can This Be Christmas, Shirley, Goodness & Mercy

Midnight Clear (2001)

Let It Snow

'Tis The Season (1999)

Christmas Masquerade

Christmas Kisses (1996)

Silver Bells (novella)

Christmas Angels (1996)

The Trouble With Angels, A Season Of Angels

Home For Christmas (1996)

The Forgetful Bride

Little Matchmakers (1994)

The Matchmakers

Christmas Treasures (1990)

Christmas Masquerade

Silhouette Christmas Stories (1986)

Let It Snow

The Debbie Macomber Books I've Read

The Perfect Christmas

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Debbie Macomber Christmas Novels – The Perfect ChristmasCredit:

The Perfect Christmas is a representation of the plight of many modern day women, those who enjoy their career, but also yearn to find their soulmate and create a family. And for every woman like Cassie Beaumont, our heroine, Christmas only exacerbates this lonely feeling, leaving her all the more glum, especially after reading a friend’s Christmas letter, detailing her happy and complete life. Having been unsuccessful, thus far, in finding her “Mr. Right,” and unwilling to wait any longer, Cassie hires the services of psychologist and professional matchmaker, Simon Dodson, who promises to uncover her “most suitable match.” Well, who’s to know that, in the end, it will be Simon, himself, who proves to be her “most suitable match” and more!

Christmas Letters

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Debbie Macomber Christmas Novels – Christmas LettersCredit:

Katherine O’Connor, a.k.a. K.O., while searching for a job, writes Christmas letters for people on the side. Christmas letters – you know those yearly notes that you pen and mail to your friends, telling them how wonderful your life is. One morning, while writing in her favorite coffee shop, K.O. encounters child psychologist, Dr. Wynn Jeffries. Now, her sister’s crazy about Dr. Jeffries’ “Free Child” child raising methods, as outlined in his book, which her sister never stops quoting from and applauding. Well, K.O. has her reservations about his methods, and here the sparks fly when heroine and hero meet. However, sparks ignited by intellectual differences, soon ignite into an all consuming love and passion. And for some added laughs, throw in a loving and well-meaning neighbor, who happens to believe she’s psychic, and pair her with the hero’s widowed father.

When Christmas Comes

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Debbie Macomber Christmas Novels – When Christmas ComesCredit:

Emily Springer is beyond sad when she learns from her college student daughter that she won’t be coming home for Christmas. So, Emily decides if her daughter is too busy to fly home for Christmas, she’ll take Christmas to her in Boston. To cut expenses, Emily checks out a house swapping website, where she changes abodes for Christmas with college history professor, Charles Brewster.

Emily’s best friend, Faith Kerrigan, alone in her own way, decides to surprise Emily by flying to spend Christmas with her in her hometown of Leavenworth, Washington.

Now poor gorgeous and brainy Charles, who’d been previously dumped at Christmas, and now possesses a bitter and lonely heart at this most merry time of year, thought this Leavenworth, Washington was the Leavenworth of penitentiary fame. So, imagine his shock when he arrives in Leavenworth to see that it’s decorated and celebrates Christmas nothing short of the North Pole itself … and without a Federal prison in sight! Enter Christmassy Faith, and with Santa, elves, some snow, and lots of laughter, sparks and love follow.

And back in Boston, Charles’ brother, Ray, at their mother’s beckoning, has gone to check on Charles, to see why a woman is staying at his place. And like on the West Coast, romance soon heats up on the East Coast, when Ray encounters Emily at Charles’ Boston home.

If you’re not the bookworm, never fear, as this novel has been made into a television Christmas movie under the name, Trading Christmas, and having debuted on the Hallmark Channel, Christmas 2011.

In Closing

If Holiday films are your thing, then check out Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle, both Debbie Macomber books turned Christmas movies. And if you have a bookworm on your Christmas and Holiday shopping list, then a Debbie Macomber book makes an excellent gift or stocking stuffer.

However, Debbie Macomber isn’t only an author of Christmas novels. In her career, she’s written many other stories in many different series. Check out her other books from the following series:

“Cedar Cove”

“Blossom Street”

“Heart of Texas”

“Midnight Sons”

“Navy Series”

“Dakota Series”

“Orchard Valley”

“Legendary Lovers”

“The Manning Sisters”

“Those Manning Men”

“Deliverance Company”

“From This Day Forward”

“Angelic Intervention”                                                                    Book Photos Courtesy of  

Debbie Macomber – Cedar Cove CookbookCredit: Amazon.comBut Debbie Macomber isn’t just all about fiction writing. She’s also written a couple of cookbooks, as well as some knitting books, with patterns, which are companion volumes to several of her novels. So, if you’re into cooking and knitting, then you’ll want to check out these crafty nonfiction books.

Debbie Macomber – Knit Along With Debbie Macomber: Debbie’s FavoritesCredit: Amazon.comAlso, for all you knitters and crocheters out there, you’ll also want to check out Debbie Macomber’s charity knitting and crochet project, called, “Knit1, Bless2.” Visit her web page, (, and see how you can be a part of this worthwhile crafting project. And for everything Debbie Macomber related, her main website can be found here: (

Finally, please feel free, in the comments section below, to add your favorite Debbie Macomber title, whether Christmas or other series. And as I read more of Debbie Macomber’s wonderful Christmas novels, I will continue to add to this list.