When you buy a BOB stroller you are typically buying just the stroller. There are however a large array of accessories that you can buy to make your BOB jogging stroller work better for you and your child.

There are a few different main types of stroller accessories made by BOB as well as countless accessories made by generic manufacturers which work for most strollers. The main types of accessories include shields and shades for your child which are geared for blocking sun, bugs, rain, etc. There are also car seat attachments which allow you to attach your car seat to the stroller for convenience. There are child trays which add some convenience to your child. These trays provide some space for toys or food or simply a handlebar for your son or daughter to hold onto during the ride.

All of the above accessories are helpful and should be considered but the handlebar accessories are my favorite because they make your life as a parent a lot easier. Yes, your child may want a snack tray in front of him or her but you don’t know the convenience of having a handlebar console or handlebar hook until you try them out for the first time.

The Best Handlebar Accessories For BOB Strollers – The One’s I Actually Use Myself

I use two accessories on my BOB stroller all the time. When I bought my first BOB Revolution used on Craigslist it didn’t come with these and I didn’t realize what I was missing. After upgrading BOBs and getting a handlebar consol I was hooked and couldn’t imagine life without it.

The BOB handlebar consol for the single child strollers is a wonderfully helpful accessory. It has two cup holders, perfect for your drink and your child’s drink. Also perfect for bottle storage, or a drop cup for loose change or knick-knacks while on the go. This handlebar consol is also made for the Dullaie strollers if you have one of those instead of the singles.

The consol also has a middle zippered pocket giving you some quick and easy access to small storage items that may be of use. It’s a stroller so think of things like toys to keep your child occupied, pacifiers, wipe cloths, first aid items, or even snacks.

The consol attaches to the sides of the handlebar leaving you with a full bar to grip and it can be detached anytime for thorough cleaning. There are some non-BOB branded condoles that can also work well and many cost less. These can easily be found online or in baby stores but I always like stocking to the official items made by the stroller company itself.

In addition to the handlebar consol my wife and I have a handlebar hook attached to the middle of our handlebar. This hook is so incredibly handy that I can’t possibly not mention it. Many stroller manufactures don’t make these because the strollers are not designed to carry items on the handlebar. This doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of doing so and so long as the construction is secure then a hook is a perfect addition which will be very helpful for you, the parent.

There are two main types of hooks, the large carabineer hooks or the open hooks. I have used both and I like the open hooks because they are better designed to stay put. The hook firmly attaches to the handlebar so it isn’t loose and the open hook makes it easy to hook shopping bags, diaper bags, or whatever right onto it and remove them with one hand.

Currently my favorite is the Stroller Accessory Hook by Hook 'n' Stroll which sells on Amazon at the time of this writing (Feb. ’12) for just under $10.

Other Accessories For BOB Stroller Handlebars

Another accessory kit which is somewhat popular is the Stroller Strides kit for the Revolution, Ironman, & Sport Utility BOB Strollers. I have never used the Stroller Strides kit nor have I participated in the fitness program but it is popular and heavily endorsed by many mothers and organizations nationwide.

You can buy the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness stroller which is basically a Revolution SE with the Stroller Strides fitness kit bundled together or you can buy the kit by itself as an accessory to your existing BOB stroller. It is basically a set of fitness instructions, with exercise tubing, and an included handlebar consol for storage of small items as well as water bottle cup holders.

The Stroller Strides kit is only around $35 on Amazon as of this writing (Feb. ’12) which is only a few dollars more than it costs to buy a handlebar consol on its own. If you want the exercise tubing then this is not bad otherwise buying the handlebar consol for you BOB stroller will some you some money and cut down on needless clutter.