The Mattel Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Racing Set

I grew up with two brothers.  Needless to say, toy racing tracks were a big player in our household.  We had several buckets of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars in our rooms and tons of those orange racing tracks in our closets.  They were loads of fun, and it seems that we spent hours upon hours piecing together the toy tracks and experimenting with how to make the toy cars do new and exciting tricks.

Now that I have my own young son I am happy to report that Mattel continues to create fun toy racing tracks.  Recently my son was given a Hot Wheels track as a gift for his birthday that we have been playing all evening for several days.  It is one of my favorite toys that he has been given, and it is definitely my favorite Hot Wheels racing track we have in our house.

Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Racing Set by MattelThe Mattel Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Set

The Mattel Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track set is very simple in design, but it provides loads of entertainment.  What you do is set up a long track and attach it to something high off the ground with the attached clamp.  The Hot Wheels race down and jump almost straight up and land on a down ramp before rolling all the way down the rest of the track.

Why This Hot Wheels Racing Track Is So Much Fun

This toy is so simple it is hard to imagine how it can be all that fun.  But there are a couple of things that make this a racing track worth having.

First, it is a blast to watch the Hot Wheels jump the ramp.  My son has a bucket full of them so we have sent them all down the track.  Since they each have different weights they all react differently when in the air.  One of his cars is so front-heavy that it almost does an entire front flip when it is in the air.  It is a fun experiment, especially for a four-year-old, to test each one to see what they do.

Not all of his Hot Wheels will fit on the ramp, however.  Right before the ramp, the cars go through a gate (for lack of a better word) to keep them straight on the ramp.  This gate does not allow all Hot Wheels to fit, but many of them do.  Even then, that is another fun experiment, figuring out which ones fit and which ones do not.

The second thing that makes this toy fun is the fact that the Hot Wheels do not always land just right.  While that fact may make it seem that this Hot Wheels racing track is not a good toy to have, the exact opposite is true.  Lets face it.  For a kid, what's more fun, watching a car land safely or watching it crash off of the side of the track?  I just have one boy and no girls, and one thing I know is that little boys are rambunctious and love to watch things go crazy.  It is one of the best things about being the dad of a little boy.  And while the crashes are fun in themselves, it also make the successful landings that much more exciting. 

While it may not seem like a big deal, I like the fact that my Pre-K son can put together a track, pick out Hot Wheels, test out a few, and see positive results from his work.  It's fun to watch a young brain go through that thought process.  I'm not saying I would classify this toy as educational, but every little bit helps, I suppose.

Some Final Notes

This track includes one Hot Wheel.  But for the most enjoyment with this racing track you will want several.  Smaller ones work better. 

You can combine this track with other Hot Wheels racing tracks.  I have tried out several different variations to create more fun.  Some have worked, some have not.  But at the very least it provides some quality time for me and my son.

Where to Find the Mattel Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Set

There are several location where the Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Set can be found.  My son's toy came from Walmart.  It can also be found at Toys 'R Us and Target.  Just about any retail outlet that sells toys might have this in stock.  If you want convenience and the ability to easily shop for competitive prices, you can find it online.  No matter how you look for this toy racing set I think the child you are getting this for will enjoy it for a long, long time.

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