The smell of Spring is in the air and the InfoBarrel contest has just been announced. It’s a great time to be alive! I, for one, love the idea of writing about outdoor activities. I absolutely enjoy time outside, and especially doing things that are fun with friends and family, as well. So what are my favorite outdoor activities? Well, let me go into a little depth on each. They all may not be plainly for Spring or Summer, but they are things that I really enjoy doing in the outdoors. So let’s get started.


When I used to live in Wisconsin, my friends and I would take a drive up north, deep in the woods, where we would find a decent-sized lake. This was in high school and it was always during our summer break. But anyways, we would find a lake, then make our own campground and pitch our tent. There were times when we would go four-wheelin’ in the mud, catch turtles and make them fight (they never did), and even went cow-tipping (yes, I’m from Wisconsin). It was a blast. But the best times were when we went fishing. We grab our poles, reels, and bait, then head out into the long canoe I had. Us three would spend hours and hours out on the lake, catching what we would eat later as dinner. The best times were when we each caught a couple large mouth bass and then slice them up and put them in tin foil, and into the fire they’d go for about an hour. Add some salt and lemon juice and nothing could beat it. Fishing was one of the best outdoor activities that I’d ever experienced. That’s until I tried snowboarding.


After I had moved out to college in the mountains of Colorado, I had never seen a mountain or even heard of somebody being able to ski or snowboard for 45 minutes straight down. These mountains are huge! So when I moved, I definitely had to pick up snowboarding. The most I had known was from sledding down golf course hills in Wisconsin (not much fun). But Colorado opened up a whole new world to me. So I packed up my gear:

  • Snowboard boots
  • Snowboarding goggles
  • Snowboard bindings
  • And my snowboarding jacket

But let me tell you this: if you decide to ski or snowboard, never forget your iPod and headphones. This makes snowboarding pretty sweet.

The first couple of times that I went, it wasn’t that fun. I fell a lot and getting off the ski-lift was a nightmare. But I kept at it and I finally got a groove going. What happened was that my friends were so good that they left me behind. This allowed me to practice without holding anybody up. So I practiced and practiced and fell and tumbled. But I got the hang of it and soon enough I was cruising through the trees. See, I never really liked doing jumps or going to the park, but I absolutely love carving through the trees. Yes, I’ve hit my head a bunch of times, but it’s so freeing to pop your headphones in your ear while playing some hard rock music and soaring through those pines. What freedom!


Fishing, snowboarding, and then there’s hunting. I haven’t hunted in a couple years. Ever since my brother was in an accident in 2004. But before that we would go every year to northern Wisconsin and hunt for white-tail deer. The funny thing is, I never got one. Out of the 10 years of going hunting, I never shot a deer. But I did see plenty of them. Mostly when I would stand up and start peeing. What a loss. Ah well, it was a great time to relax, sleep, and read a book.

There was two years that we drove out to my grandparents house in Wyoming. We went hunting for antelope this time around and both times I went I shot one. Success! But hunting for antelope is a little different than sitting in the woods for hours waiting for deer to show up. We drove around for miles looking for antelope and when we would spot a herd of them, we would stop the truck and pull out our walkie-talkies. Then we would plan out the situation and each person would surround the group. We each had a turn to shoot and I shot my every time. That’s the kind of hunting that I enjoy. This coming year I’m hoping to go hunting for elk now that I’m in Colorado.

The Campfire

Out of all of the activities thus far that have been listed, nothing can beat spending time with friends, drinking a beer, and sitting outside at night in front of a campfire. I can’t express to you how much I love campfires. You don’t necessarily have to be camping to have a campfire. It could be simply outside your home. That’s what we mostly did. During summer, we would spend the evenings cooking out with friends, then chilling outside by the fire and talking about anything and everything. The stars were out and so were our inhibitions. That’s what summers are for me. A time to relax and chill with great friends that you can trust. I’m hoping that this summer will be no different, even though I’m hundreds of miles away from those I consider my best friends. We’ll see how it goes.


These outdoor activities, I’m hoping, help you to find something new to try out. I’ve found that they’ve been great companions to life. Life is about enjoyment and freedom. These things are small steps in that direction. These are my favorite outdoor activities, but I’m also interested in hearing about yours. Leave a small comment below to tell everybody else what your favorite outdoor activity is and what you plan to do this summer. I hope you have the best summer ever!