This snack is great for those of us with children and especially for those of us who love crunchy / sweet combination to satisfy those sweet-tooth urges.

As the title suggests, my four year old wanted a snack and I wanted something quick and easy to make.  I wasn’t feeling the huge kitchen mess of brownies nor the time invested.   

After searching our kitchen cabinets, I came across Graham Crackers and Big Marshmallows.  I thought, “Too bad it wasn’t summer time, this is a great beginning for shmores!”  Ah,ha!  Idea!

As my inquisitive four-year old son watched, I pulled out the baking sheet, marshmallows and went to work.  The result was a very easy and great tasking mock-shmores.   

Below, you will find the recipe and directions for Mock-Shmores.

14 Graham Crackers (square ones work the best)

7 Big Marshmallows

1 Jar of Nutella (You won’t use all of this but amount will vary depending on taste)

My Favorite Recipe - Mock ShmoresCredit: S WalkerDirections:

Step 1: Set your oven to broil

Step 2: Cut Marshmallows in half (I used my kitchen scissors)

Step 3: Place 7 Graham crackers on the baking sheet and place half a marshmallow on top

Step 4: With your oven rack set to the highest position, place the baking sheet in to toast the marshmallows

Step 5: While the marshmallows are toasting, spread Nutella on the other 7 graham crackers

Step 6: Remove toasted marshmallow crackers from oven and place the nutella cracker on top.  Press together gently and serve

 Servings:   7 x  Mock-Shmores (Serving size depends on if you’re sharing them or not)

Time: 8 Minutes

Like I said, the results were a HUGE success for my family—especially my four-year old son.   Finding a way to entertain your child can be a challenge at times.  (This is for those of you with children—as I am sure you can relate.)  While the marshmallows are cooking, ask questions like, “What do you think will happen to the marshmallows?  What color do you think they will be?”  Also, I can verify that child-proof scissors will cut marshmallows just fine.  Children can even help with spreading the Nutella on the crackers.  Although, be prepared for lots of licking and a good amount of mess!