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Stephen King is my favorite author.  I have been reading his books for as long as I can remember.  What is so amazing to me is that horror movies scare me to death but reading his books pull me into the stories and putting them down is not an option.  Many years ago while taking an English class; the instructor asked me “Is Stephen King the only author you know?”   He had a good point because all of my essays were written about his works. 

There are some of his books that are more enjoyable than others.  The Green Mile was one of my all time favorites.  This set of books, yes books were purchased one chapter at a time and anxiously I awaited each one to make its ways to the bookstore.  Every time one was to be released my excitement meter rose 100 percent.  What a great story I thought until I got to the end of the book.  His lovely wife Tabitha came up with the idea to end it with the mouse being very old and hidden in the shack in the woods.  Hated it!!!  My expectations are so much higher when it comes to his work and that ending was like a sucker punch.  Regardless, the books were still great.

Some of my favorite Stephen King books are:

  1.  The Dark Tower Series:  This series of 8 extraordinary books take you on a journey through time including horror, science fiction and fantasy.  The Gunslinger, the main character of these books and also the title of the first book will pull you into this dark delight.  As he and his band of friends go off on a quest to find “The Man in Black” and eventually the Dark Tower itself.
  2. Pet Cemetery.  Once things die, they should never be brought back.  This is the premise for the horrible freakish tale.  The main character Louis Creed moves his family to Maine on a street busy with traffic.  After his cat is killed he buries him in the “Pet Cemetery.”  From that point on the book will scare the daylights out of you.  After reading this book, I couldn’t sleep with the lights off for almost a month.  Sad I know, but true.
  3. Desperation and The Regulators.  First let me tell you what I discovered about these two books.  If you lay them together side by side they make one scary picture.  The first book Desperation is about a small town in Nevada where several people are abducted by the town’s sheriff who has been possessed by an evil spirit called “TAK.”    They soon realize that the Sheriff is not as he seems and they are in for the fight of their lives.  This is Stephen King at his best with numerous twists and turns down every road.  The Regulators has some of the same characters as Desperation but in this story they are children.  The evil is inside an autistic boy named Seth and all the horrors that happen on one street in Wentworth, OH are described from a child’s point of view.  This added something very special to the story and caused my imagination to run wild.
  4.  The Long Walk.  This was said to be one of the first works done by Stephen King while he was still in college.  After one of his professors read the short story he knew that King was a great literary talent.  This short story tells about a contest that happens every year.  Boys are chosen by lottery to participate in a walk.  The winner can have whatever he wants.  The catch is that the walk isn’t over until there is only one left.  What happens to the others?  I won’t tell you.  It’s a masterpiece and if you don’t love Stephen King, you will after reading this short story.

Many movies have been made of Stephen Kings’ books.  None of them have really done justice to the actual writings.  His books are intelligent, horrific, and deeply appealing to the emotions of the reader.  He can take an ordinary journey and make it extraordinary.  If you are looking to escape reality and want to take a walk on the wild side, then get you a Stephen King novel.  It will be the best scare you’ve ever had.