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It's understandable if you haven't seen or even heard of the political talk show 'Red Eye.' After all, it airs at 3 a.m. (EST) and 12 a.m. (PST), Tuesday through Saturday on the Fox News Channel. Most people are probably sleeping at 3 in the morning, and those who are still awake are probably doing something more interesting than watching television. Or, maybe folks haven't seen the show because they just downright refuse to watch anything on Fox due to biased views (theirs not Fox's).  

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this witty, saucy, funny, and refreshingly entertaining talk show, you are missing out! Red Eye spotlights a group (from the left and the right) debating the current events in the world of politics, business, entertainment, sports, and religion. It is hosted by Greg Gutfeld, former editor-in-chief, and writer for 'Men's Health,' and a former writer for 'Maxim Magazine.' Gutfeld has a website called 'The Daily Gut,' he is one of the hosts of 'The Five,' (Fox’s replacement for 'Glenn Beck') and he has an affinity for unicorns.

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Red Eye covers the latest political and current events in a way no one else does, and regulars on the show include Bill Schulz, Gutfeld's "repulsive sidekick;" 'Pinch,' a puppet made from a New York Times newspaper that is a caricature of Times publisher 'Pinch Sulzberger;' and an ombudsman, Andy Levy. 

Guess Who's Coming to…Red Eye 

The guest list is impressive, with politicians, journalists, business people, physicians, authors, television and radio personalities, actors, musicians, writers, comedians, and many others. Some of Red Eye's guests in the past have been Ron Paul; Dennis Kucinich; Governor Mike Huckabee; Herman Cain; Felix Dennis, magazine publisher and founder of Maxim Magazine; Marc Lamont Hill, host of the nationally syndicated television show Our World with Black Enterprise; Penn Jillette, Magician; Sherrod Small, comedian; Suzanne Sena, The Onion News Network; Kevin Sorbo, actor; Anthony Cumia, co-host of The Opie & Anthony Show on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio; Dennis Miller, radio show host, Fox News contributor, political commentator, and former cast member of Saturday Night Live; Michael Moynihan, author of 'Lords of Chaos'; Imogen Lloyd Webber,  author of 'The Single Girl's Survival Guide'; and many, many more. 

Entertaining Segments

The format begins with a 'Pregame Report' and includes the 'GREG-A-LOGUE,' Gutfeld's monologue and first topic of discussion. Other interesting topics are then discussed and debated, and halfway through the program Levy provides the 'Halftime Report,' wherein as the ombudsman he attempts to point out all errors and inconsistencies made during the discussions. Levy also provides interesting and amusing tidbits of information. Next are the 'Lightning Round,' additional discussions, and a guest Interview. The final segment of the show is the 'Postgame Wrap-Up' where Levy asks each member of the group questions and provides an opportunity for each to promote a project, book, or upcoming event/appearance. 

The 'Leg Chair' 

For all you male chauvinists out there, and you know who you are, Red Eye always has at least one beautiful (and smart) woman on the show. These women always sit in what is referred to as the "leg chair" because it is the only seat on the set where a panelist's legs are not covered by the table and thus the women show off their gams. Everything on this show is tongue-in-cheek and the women featured on the program are smart enough to debate with the 'big boys' and to know this is all in good fun. 

All Political Views Welcome 

No matter what your political view; left, right, or somewhere in-between, Red Eye will leave you laughing. That's why Red Eye is my favorite talk show! 

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