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The American Family Bible

1. Second Timothy 1:7

I have several favorite scriptures, but one that comes to my minds is Second Timothy 1:7. For  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

This scripture reminds me of how quickly that emotion of fear can creep into my mind.    I  recall   my former workplace.    We could keep our jobs if we located out-of-town with the new company.   The company manager interviewed us all individually.   Prayer was definitely a reality for me at this time.   This was a time I was constantly in prayer.   During the interview, I graciously thanked the manager for the offer.  I declined the offer.  I did not want to move.   I told him, “I do not know what my future will hold, but I know who holds my future.”  “I may not have this job, but I was not too proud to work at McDonald’s if it was necessary to put food on the table.”  Two people moved out-of-state for the jobs.   The rest of us stayed.   It is  scary   loosing your  job.   I repeated that scripture Second Timothy 1:7 many times during this period.  

Very soon  the other company contracted us.  We worked right there at our present job site.  While we worked for the new company at our present job site for one year, I discovered that God is good.   During this one year, I received a hefty raise, numerous company benefits, such as luncheons, caps, umbrellas, and the biggest reward was a performance bonus for every employee that made General Motors recent performance bonus in Michigan look like candy.   I never imagined.   I had not given much thought what would happen at the end of the year, but I should have.   

At the end of the year, which seemingly came very quickly, my former company made my coworkers and me an offer to come back to our previous jobs with the same rate of seniority and pay?   I thought this was ideal, because I was now making much, much more than before I left, and I had a bonus too.   Therefore, I am thankful that I did not let fear, my emotion, rule me during this time.  It would have been so easy to do, because money, work, and lifestyles can play an important role during one’s lifetime.  Therefore, I have deep reasons why this scripture is one of my favorite things. 

2.  Yaya’s Restaurant

I like Yaya’s flame boiled chicken salad.   This is great for take out or eating there.   For those that just like to buy the meat, you can do so by just asking for a “cold pack.”  I really like being able to see the chicken cooking.    That visibility is important for me.  According to Yaya, the chickens are never frozen, battered fried in thick oil, or never marinated in oil.  This is a big plus for me.  

3.  Liver & Onion

Not only is it good for me, I actually like liver and onions with gravy.  I usually fix them with mashed potatoes or rice.  I prefer mashed potatoes.   I do not cook it often enough.  Meijer usually has nice calf liver.  I find that the beef liver is just too tough.   Unfortunately, I have not been able to find calf liver at Kroger’s or Great Giant’s, which are two of my favorite stores also.

4.  Beets

Beets are good for me and I like them.   I like the original  beets and the pickled beets in the jar.  

5.   Search & Find Books

I originally tried crossword puzzles, but found I do not like them.  As I explored some of my likes, I was surprise and happy to find that I enjoy working on the search & find books.     It is a challenge to find the words.   I usually just get them from the dollar store.   I like the Bible search & finds, because they tend to tell a biblical story.   Some of my favorite books are Bible word-finds, word-finds large print, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.  

6.  Online Word Game

The online word game on Face book was a game that I tried.   I like it, because it is challenging.   I like to play against other players.   I have found some very good players at this game.  I have not won too often, but I am getting better at it everyday.   The more I play the better I get.  This online game starts you out with seven letters.  You must make a word using as many letters as you can.  There is triple word, double word, triple letter, and double letter scoring in this game.  It is similar to scrabble, but the scoring is different.   I usually play this game when I need a break from writing.   I love writing, but need frequent breaks.   What are some of your favorite things?  [2955][2956]