Faith Hill Perfume

I just love this Cologne. I still like Chloë and Wings, but Faith Hill Perfume is my new favorite.  It has a distinct smell like no other.     The fragrance includes crisp pear and lush floral with a soft bed of musk and woods.  It is just delightful. You only need to use a little to enjoy this memorable smell.

Revlon Color Makeup

I use a variety of Revlon products.   I really like the color makeup.  It goes on smooth and it does not smell bad either.  This is the first time that I have used the Revlon Color Makeup and I really like it.

Neutrogena Mineral Powder

I have this makeup in a compact form.  I like this better than the loose powder.  I have found that the loose powder is quite messy.   This mineral powder goes on nice and smooth.  The fact that it has minerals in it is a plus.  My skin loves it too.


Favorite Products 2013Credit: Betty Asphy

Paint Scents

Are you planning on painting a room?  Then you must remember to get paint scents.  I recall we were painting a room in our house and needed more  paint.  As we stood in line, the woman ahead of us asked if we had used the scents that you put in the paints.  She swore by them.  So we bought one.   It was less than $10.00.  We just mixed about 1-ounce in a gallon of paint..  The great thing I like about it is that it really does take away the paint smell.  The fragrance was a nice floral scent. I really do like it.   I believe the scent lasted several months on the walls.  It probably varies from house to house.  Paint scents takes painting rooms to another level.

Oil Plugins

I like the oil scent plugins.  I like the fact that you can adjust how much fragrance that comes out.  My favorite scent is clean linen.   I have tried the vanilla scents, but I do not like them and they just don’t seem to agree with me well. The scent usually lasts about a month or a little longer.

 Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Freshener

Now this is really nice.  I usually use the clean linen scent. It is motion activated and just perfect for the bathroom.  You can set the timer on it about how often you want it to spray.  If you just happen to  need extra spray, you can push the button yourself.  I like that option, because sometimes you just need that little extra.  The refill canisters are very easy to put in.  It usually lasts for me about a 1 ½ month.  It uses 2 AA batteries, which I have not had to replace yet.  I have had my unit for about 7 months.  I just love it.  I am considering getting another one for the living room.

Glade Sense & Spray Automatic FreshenCredit: Betty Asphy

Color Orange

I discovered I love the color orange. My wardrobe has basically been black and grey, but I have a new-found love for orange.  I have several orange coats and t-shirts too.

Someone once told me, “I can see you coming a mile away with the bright orange.”  I replied, “That is a definite.”


My Orange JacketCredit: Betty Asphy




Glade Plugins Scented Oil Variety Pack Clear Springs & Fresh Mountain Morning 1.34 Fluid Ounce 2 Count
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I also use the oil scent plugins in some of my rooms.