I have always enjoyed watching TV. As I have gotten older, my taste in shows has changed, but TV has always been a big part of my life. Having said that, here are my five favorite TV shows for every night of the week:

  • Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Intervention
  • Family Guy

These are just about the only TV shows I still consistently watch. I admit, there used to be a time where I watched a TV show every night of the week. Now I only watch a favorite TV show four nights a week. This is because so many shows that I watched in the past have been canceled, the five mentioned above are all I have left. As reality shows and talk shows take over the airwaves, I find myself watching less TV than I did 10 years ago. I may be in the minority here, but I am not a reality show junkie. The one reality show that is on my list of favorites, Intervention, is one I watch because I find it compelling and because it actually helps people who desperately need it. Let's explore the reasons why I like each of the five TV shows I picked as my favorites.

Big Bang Theory

When i was growing up and going to school, there was a shift in what was considered "cool." At the time I attended elementary school, it was "cool" to be pretty and popular and not care about school or homework. By the time I reached middle school, the transition was starting to happen that all of a sudden made it cool to get good grades. When I started high school, you were considered uncool if you got bad grades (or even average grades) and did not take school seriously. My point in mentioning all this is that, during the course of my schooling, it became cool to be a "nerd." Now, thanks to Big Bang Theory, it is finally really cool to be a nerd.

This show proves that nerds can have friends and relationships and problems just like the "cool" kids have. The characters on the show make being a nerd fashionable. Big Bang Theory has enjoyed the kind of success any TV show dreams for. Currently in its fifth season, Big Bang Theory was renewed through 2014 by the end of 2011. This is a feat not easily accomplished in the cutthroat world of TV show ratings.

The Big Bang Theory makes it cool to be a geek, and has therefore served as an inspiration to geeks everywhere that they can get the pretty girl and the awesome friends that society would have you believe can only be achieved by the cool kids. This is why it is number one on my list of favorite TV shows.

How I Met Your Mother

It happened on shows such as Moonlighting and Mad About You; the two main characters on Moonlighting fell in love, and that plot point was the beginning of the end for the TV show. Critics said that when Paul and Jamie, the two main characters on Mad About You, had a baby the show started to go downhill. How I Met Your Mother has two main characters in love and two main characters that had a baby, and yet the show continues to thrive.

Many critics have argued that when a TV couple has a baby, the show starts to become all about the baby and is canceled before you know it. How I Met Your Mother has already proved the baby is not the center of the storyline. In the recent two-part season finale of How I Met Your Mother, a baby is born during the first part of the finale. The second part of the finale contained storylines where the baby is present, but not the center of attention. How I Met Your Mother has done a great job of taking a plot point and making it part of the show rather than the entire show. The other reason I like the show so much is that they have an ensemble cast and everyone gets equal screen time. This makes the show interesting and fun to watch, and leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for more.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Having recently moved to New York City, I now enjoy Law & Order: SVU more than I have in the last five years that I have been watching it. This is because I watch an episode and almost always spot a place in the show that I have been to myself. This gives a personal connection to the show that I enjoy having. In the 12 years that it has been on, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has tackled such crimes as rape, molestation, child abuse and unconventional parenting and shown the effects these crimes have on the victims, their loved ones, and the community at large.

I have learned a lot from watching this TV show and look forward to its continued success. It has brought awareness to many important issues, such as spousal abuse and homelessness. This TV show is an inspiration not only to me and to its other viewers, but to its cast members as well. Having played a detective in the Special Victims Unit since the start of the show, actress Mariska Hargitay has since become a real life rape counselor after she was inspired by the show. Though the show has gone through many cast changes over the years, it still remains one of the most honest  shows on TV today.


Intervention is one of the few reality shows I watch and enjoy. Every week it follows the story of someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications and helps the victims loved ones stage an Intervention to get the person into treatment.

While the show has a very good success rate, there are always some people that simply cannot be helped. But whether the person ultimately beats their addiction or not, Intervention is a compelling show that makes you appreciate your good health and healthy lifestyle. No matter what problems I may be having in my life, I always feel better about my own life when I've just watched an Intervention episode.

I Like Family Guy

Blowing the stereotype out of the water that cartoons are only meant for children, Family Guy is an amusing escape from the stresses of everyday life. While they tackle topics most parents do not want their kids to see, Family Guy is always entertaining and makes you laugh.

It seems like most people can relate to at least one character on Family Guy. They dare to go where other shows do not have the nerve to, and that is what makes Family Guy one of my five favorite TV shows for every night of the week. It is impossible to watch Family Guy and not walk away shaking your head and laughing at all the antics the characters get themselves into. Having a cartoon that appeals to adults more than children is an amazing feat hard to accomplish.