My Infobarrel stats are similar to last month. February was a shortened month so if you add an extra few days to February then my stats would have been very similar to last months.

My InfoBarrel stats for February:

  • 2,426 unique visitors
  • 3,436 page views

My InfoBarrel earnings: January February

  • Adsense: $16.26 / $14.15
  • Chitika: $2.42 / $1.61

I published 42 articles during February. As of right now I have a total of 178 articles.

My Top 5 Articles Ranked By page views According to Google Analytics were

  1. 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players
  2. Pre-Built Hunting Cabins
  3. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks For Harley Davidson Sportsters
  4. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month with InfoBarrel
  5. 7 Celebrities and Politicians who Cheated On Their Wifes

My Top 5 Articles Ranked By Adsense Earnings Were:

  1. Mini Log Cabin Kits
  2. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company Has Brand Loyalty
  3. Make 5000 Dollars Per Month with InfoBarrel
  4. Lidoderm Patches for Postherpetic Neuralgia
  5. Large Capacity Fuel Tanks For Harley Davidson Sportsters

My top 3 traffic sources were:

  1. Google
  2. Google Image Search
  3. Yahoo

If you count all of the Google Image searches from not only the US site but all other country specific sites I had a huge number of hits from Google Image searches. I highly recommend that you included at least one image per article. The number of hits I receive daily from Google Image searches continues to grow.

The number of hits Yahoo sent me also jumped last month.

I also had my first article with a negative rating with my Harley Davidson Culture Is Not Seen As Cool By Younger Riders article.

I had 7 articles that made over a $1.00 each in February. My top article earned over $3.00.

My CPM was low last month but It does not bother me as I know it will all averag eout to be a lot higher over time.

We might start seeing some new writers over here on InfoBarrel as Bukisa lowered there pay rate drastically.

I am still planning on writing 1500 articles for InfoBarrel by the end of the year. I don't really have any InfoBarrel goals for February except to keep writing articles. My only goal is to have 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of the year.

I noticed that 37 of my visitors for the month used dial up for there internet connection. Dial up seems so ancient now days.

VictoryDuring February I finally got my InfoBarrel Adsense earnings to show up in my Google Analytics stats. This is real nice as I was running low on Custom URL Channels. If you are going to write more than 200 articles for InfoBarrel I think it is very important for you to link your Analytics and Adsense together. This way you will always know which articles are earning money regardless of the number of articles you have in you InfoBarrel folio.

I had some medical problems as well as some internet problems last month but I still finished 4th in the monthly contest. I had enough articles saved up I could have finished third but I forgot that April was a short month. Oh well, I'll just have more points this month.

I am still enjoying my time here on Infobarrel and I foresee my earnings to jump drastically by the end of the year as long as I keep writing consistently. You can also read more about MyDecember 2009 InfoBarrel stats and also my January 2010 InfoBarrel Stats