They keep you coming back.

Free consultation and free X-Rays!

     I have been working in the health industry (institutionalized) for almost 20 years.  I can see by the people who come in to the clinic that it is best to take care of yourself and not depend on doctors.  I have been an advocate for vitamins, supplements, exercise, good sleep, relaxation, and good diet to keep optimum health.

      Generally, I try to stay away from doctors as much as possible, including chiropractors.
     Unfortunately, I am not able to do as much exercise as I once did.  I find myself sitting at a computer for hours on end at work.  I am aware of good "ergonomics", that is, positioning your seat and desk to put as little strain as possible on your back, shoulders, arms, and hands.  Still, I find my body is getting old and not able to bounce back like it used to. 
     At the urging of my husband, I decided to try a chiropractor.
     We were walking through the booths at the county fair and my husband allowed me to be roped in by the chiropractor whom I shall just call "Dr Crackmyback".   She was a younger doctor, only in the field a couple years. 
     In my experience the younger doctors are the best.  After working in medicine or any field for a number of years, people tend to get lazy and are not as enthusiastic about helping a person as they once were, a patient becomes a number.  I don't want to be just a number.
     I liked the doctor, she was very enthusiastic so I allowed myself to be "roped".   She asked me if I had any problem areas and then she sat me on her stool and did a quick little test with an EMG monitor which she held onto my upper back and again on my lower back.  She had a diagram of a normal spine up on her computer and then what the EMG had found on my spine.  There were trouble spots around my neck and shoulders. 
     She said that for $35 I could get a free consultation and free X-rays.  My husband booted up the money, so I halfheartedly agreed to go for my first chiropractic appointment.
     Dr. Crackmyback is just getting started in the field so she has a small office in a small mini-mall.   She is neighbors to a hairdresser and an insurance agent. 
     The first thing that struck me upon walking in the door was the music.  Quite loud and spiritual.  Another thing that struck me was the sort of informal layout of the small office.  She had 2 work areas where she does "adjustments", which were separated from the rest of the room by screens, but were in no way private.  I could see what she was doing from the waiting area, directly across from the reception area.  
     Very cozy.  Also very relaxed.  There was also a seating area facing a large tv, separated from the waiting area by another screen and a couple bookshelves.  2 or 3  rows of chairs with a couple people sitting around, it reminded me of a church I went to once.  One person had a strange thing on his head with some strange rectangular objects, possibly  magnets poking out of it and another lady was sitting on what looked like a chi machine.  I thought you were supposed to put your feet onto a chi machine and lay down, but she was  sitting on one, getting jiggling all around.  The music was quite loud, contemporary Christian music.  The people seemed very friendly and relaxed.
    I don't know if Dr. Crackmyback knew I was sceptical or not, but I suspect she did.  After explaining the layout of her business she brought me back into a very small closet sized exam room and began the sales pitch.  Just a couple chairs, a computer, a mirror, a diagram of the spine, and a couple of circular scales on the floor.   She did her salesman routine, showing on the diagram how important the spine and nerves are to every tissue and organ in the body and how a chiropractor could help. 
     Then she did an exam.  She had me do range of motion movements to see how flexible I was.  She had me stand in front of the mirror while she examined my spine.  She found some trouble spots in my neck area.  I believe the lighting and mirror was set up to make you look as old and in need of help as possible.  I looked about 20 years older than usual.  She had me notice that my right shoulder was higher than my left.  She had me stand on those circular scales, one for each foot, and measured that I was carrying about 10 pounds extra on my right foot.  Something about that seems like a stage trick, parlor trick, or magicians trick, but whatever....
     The she took me back into a little larger closet and did 4 X-rays, two on my upper back and two on my lower back,  one each from the front and the side.
     Then without further ado, but much enthusiasm, she had me agree to come back later in the week to "go over" my X-rays and exam, and to get my first adjustment....
Thus I was again "roped" into going back....something every doctor needs to stay in business, afterall, they need you to keep coming back...