8mm Kidney StonePassing a kidney stone would make a suitable form of revenge for any enemies one may have because it not only causes physical pain, but psychological damage as well.

What are kidney stones, you ask? They're not exactly stones but they are formed in the kidneys and made up of solid, crystal-like formations from dissolved minerals such as calcium.

The common method of escape for the stone is by urine stream. Some are painless, and some are not.

This article will delve into my first (and hopefully last) occurrence with passing a kidney stone, but before we get into exact timelines let me give you a little background information about me that will help you understand my actions better.

I’m a male and at the time of the incident I was in my mid 30’s, out of a job and had no type of medical insurance whatsoever. That last part in particular affected what I did and didn’t do. I would also like to say that I am no medical expert or doctor. Everything I relay below about kidney stone symptoms and how I dealt with them up until their passing, and even the side effects that occurred afterwards is from my own personal experience.

Kidney Stone Pain - Sudden and Unforgiving

July 1 (10:00 pm) - The first shot was fired as I was just finishing a piece of cheesecake. At first the pain resembled a bad case of gas, so I tried my usual method to relieve this, to no effect. The pain grew worse. I felt the need to urinate and defecate at the same time, except I couldn’t. I poured sweat and at times came close to vomiting as a pain I had never experienced radiated from my lower back all the way down to my testicles. I had endured the agony for around 40 minutes and considered going to the emergency room when it started to subside. The entire incident lasted about 50 minutes. I had no more trouble for the rest of the night.

July 2 - Most of the day was spent in research mode. I needed to decide whether I needed to go to the doctor about or wait it out. My first calls went to family members, and as I described what I went through, I found it was the men that gave me the answer. Everything I told them was symptoms of kidney stones. They either experienced it themselves or knew someone who did. All of them were also able to give suggestions on how to quickly pass or dissolve the stone. I spent a little time on the Internet to verify a few points and then headed to town to buy some bottled water and some 100% concentrated lemon juice (the big 32-ounce bottles).

July 3-10 (8 days) - During the first two days I drank two 32-ounce bottles of lemon juice throughout the each day to try and get rid of that kidney stone (tip: drink it fast, don’t sip it). I bought some elixir from Native Remedies to help dissolve the stone.  I think it helped, but it didn't quite dissolve it entirely.  Still, it could have been worse.

Some people said to use real lemons, some said that the juice didn’t help them at all and some said it did. Others said they heard about it from fitness magazines, on the Internet and even doctors. As no more incidents occurred, I stuck with drinking lemon juice, drinking plenty of water and peeing hard.

July 11 (just after waking up) - The kidney stone symptoms revealed themselves in almost exactly the same way, although they were slightly less severe. The episode lasted about 1 hour. I began drinking the lemon juice in greater quantities again.

July 25 (precursor to blood) - There had been no more flare-ups for a couple of weeks and I was feeling pretty good, although I still drank some lemon juice every day. On this particular day, I had decided to childproof the outside of my home by removing a hornet’s nest and accidentally took a hard fall. And what exactly does this have to do with passing a kidney stone? Although I didn’t know it at the time, the fall would bring about huge changes.

The Actual Passing of the Kidney Stone

July 26 (after waking up) - I went to the bathroom to relieve myself as usual and towards the end of my session I gave an especially hard push (peeing hard). There was a sharp pain felt in my urethra and bright red blood in the urine. Let me tell you something; if you have never urinated blood, it can be quite a shock to you when it does happen. I immediately began to drink lemon juice.

July 26 (2nd trip to bathroom) - I went to urinate and discovered the pain and the blood wasn’t too bad…until the end. Not only was there more blood, but the pain felt like a water spigot being closed. The more it closed, the more intense the pain. I was feeling an indescribable burning and pressure throughout my entire groin area. Although it lasted only seconds, it felt as if I were part of some kind of torture-revenge horror movie.

July 26 (the rest of the day) - I won’t bother you with details about all my bathroom pain session trips, but all were fairly similar. I quickly discovered that peeing hard was out of the question while trying to pass the kidney stone. I dreaded going to the restroom even though it had to be done. As day turned into night I discovered that the blood and the pain (to a lesser degree) decreased towards bed time. I continued to drink juice and water heavily throughout the day. This one day felt like a week as I was physically and mentally exhausted by the end of it.

July 27 - Relief came over my body in waves as my first bathroom session of the day only produced slight pain and blood in urine. I made sure to drink regular amounts of juice and water all day long. The day passed much easier as each time I urinated the kidney stone symptoms grew less and less. By the time I went to bed there was no more severe pain and no more blood. I had successfully passed the stone, although I didn’t actually feel it come out. I credit the lemon juice for this as I believe it dissolved the stone down to nothing. I didn’t really know how long it took to pass a kidney stone, but my ordeal lasted about 48 hours with the first 24 being the worst.

Passing a Kidney Stone - The After Effects

The most notable difference after passing my kidney stone was my ability to restrain myself from urinating. It wasn’t as easy to hold it in as it used to be. There was one moment several days later that I lost all self-confidence when the bathroom was occupied and I couldn’t make it to the outside porch. You can guess what happened. As a solution I’ve been doing kegel exercises, which seem to be helping me with that problem.

Closing Thoughts on Passing a Kidney Stone

I never want to go through this experience again. I know there are people out there that have to endure this hell and humiliation quite often, and my heart truly goes out to you. This article may not have given you all the answers you were looking for, but it should have served its purpose in that you got a first-hand and gritty look into what you might expect. Please feel free to share your own experience with kidney stones in the comment section.

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