Today, iOS 7 went live. And I am excited.

First off, I'm not a pro and/or anti Apple guy. I love my iDevices, but don't have anything bad to say about the other alternatives out there. 
That being said, I too have my opinions of Apple's newest overhaul in their lineup: iOS 7.
Updating didn't took me long at all, and it went down without any issues. 

Let's start with what most people like to talk about these days, the things I don't like.

  • Notification CentreControl Centre. While this is a very cool option, and quite good looking as it zooms in from the bottom of my screen, I'm a little let down by the fact that I can't customize it. Well, I saw that coming, of course. However, I wouldn't mind being able to exchange a button like Clocks, which I'll hardly ever use, with some utility app I use more often. I'm thinking of Maps, or even Urban Spoon. Or a Settings-button, to, you know, open the rest of the settings.
  • Notification Centre. Again, I like how it feels and breaths. Again, I can't really own it the way I want to. I'd like to see my own RSS feeds in their. Hell, connect an app like Flipboard to it. 
  • Folders. Great Idea from day one. But they are ugly. Why the background, I ask. On my aging 4s, I see a three-by-three grid of apps--less than before. I know I can now add as many apps as I like to the folders, but I don't understand why it's not using the entirety of the screen. Maybe it looks better on the iPhone 5+, but I feel confined on my version.
  • Battery life. This is more a concern. My phone isn't the newest in age and version. I'm afraid all the newest visuals will be draining my battery faster than it used to.

After the first few hours of messing around, that's all I have to complain about. I'm sure I will run across various bugs and little things, that'll drive me crazy in the near future.

Let me move on to the good stuff.

  • Multitasking, swiping off multiple appsDesign. Love it. It sure is a matter of personal taste, I admit that. But so far, the way everything moves around really speaks to me. It feels as if I'm navigating through my phone, instead of just hitting one button after another. There's a sense of dynamic in the way every action connects to the next.
  • Multitasking. It's good. Definitely, it looks better than it did before. I can see the content of the open apps, quickly swipe through, and it keeps apps up to date (if they're designed to utilize this option by their developers, that is). To end an app, I simply tap my finger over it, and swipe it up and out of the picture. I can even tap three apps at the same time with three fingers to kill all three of them at once. That's neat.
  • Notification Centre. All in all, it works for me. I already mentioned what I'd like to see in the future, but so far so good. I don't use my calendar a lot, so I feel I'm missing out on something here. Still, it's a nice utility, and I will surely use it a lot.
  • Control Centre. While it has its limitations, it's still a very handy add-on. And I really enjoy the flashlight button. Seriously, I use that light more often than I care to admit.
  • Stability. I don't experience any delay or sluggish behaviors. The photo app caused me some trouble the first time I opened it. My pictures where all but grey squares and it crashed a few times. I assume it simply needed a bit of time to configure my photo albums into the new photo collection feature. Now it runs smoothly and it looks great.
  • Photos. All my pictures in one big collection, sorted by moments. I used to dread looking for pictures before. Now it seems light-hearted and focused. 
  • Sounds. It's a minor tweak, but I like the new sounds. I still use my ringtone (Deceiving Eyes by Cradle of Filth), but for text, mail, and so on I like the new options very much.


Overall, I think this update to Apple's iOS is a success. Maybe it's not innovative, but it's a stable, functioning and very sleek upgrade of an existing platform. It's iOS as we love and hate it. Apple didn't impose a bunch of over-the-top features, that are really just gimmicks and only exist to be there. Everything it offers, it offers well.

Though a few items could still use a bit more revising, I believe it's a very important, and much needed, step forward for Apple and their iOS.