I’ve only been on Infobarrel for a couple of weeks, but I noticed a few days ago that I had my first earnings:  83 cents!  Wow!  I know that’s peanuts (or less) compared to what others are earning here - and I’m sure Bill Gates isn’t losing any sleep yet fretting that my fortune will overtake his - but I can’t help but be excited.  This is almost as thrilling as it was in the third grade, when Tracy Blackwell…  Well, let’s just say I’m excited and leave it at that.

Of course, in the great scheme of things, 83 pennies isn’t much to be over the moon about.  Most of us can probably find that much in loose change between the cushions of our sofa.  No, the really great part is what this means:  I can actually make money online with InfoBarrel! 

See, I’ve got this dream about building a passive stream of income that will allow me to eek out a comfortable existence without needing to be supplemented by a traditional 9-to-5.  Writing articles for Infobarrel is clearly going to be one source of that income, and while I’ve only got a measly 13 articles posted at the moment, I’m hoping that will grow.  (I had planned to pen 3 articles per day; obviously I got sidetracked early on in the process.)  And while 83 cents doesn’t exactly get me there, I like to think that it’s the shape of things to come.  But just in case InfoBarrel alone isn’t enough to get me over the hurdle, I’ve got a back-up plan:  Infobarrel isn’t my only source of passive income.

Although Infobarrel was actually the first thing I did online to start making money, in truth I started earning about a week into this online-earnings-experiment from another source:  WebAnswers.  It wasn’t much - about 50 cents per day - but again, it’s what it implies rather than the actual amount that’s important.  Since then, my total earnings have averaged about $2 per day. (In the interest of full disclosure, this is from more than just InfoBarrel and WebAnswers; I also have a niche site that I just started.  Yes, I’m fighting a war on several fronts.)  Now if I could only maintain that same torrid pace of exponential growth on a regular basis, I’d quit working in 3 months.

All in all, I’m rather proud of my Infobarrel earnings, because of what it  represents symbolically:  I can actually do this!  Look out Bill Gates!