There Must Be Something Wrong With CrazyGata

This Penny is Worth More Than Any Trade in the Stock Market

Too soon for a diary or a personal story, statistics show the audience does not care much for anybody else's account.

I have to risk it, I wanted to share this with my new friends but it seems too large for a forum.

I earned my first penny in InfoBarrel!  I feel like a million bucks!  I've been in Adsense since June 2011.  Those reports always came back stagnant at 0.57...  Seemed like a rigged system, felt duped once again.

Writing for other sites, no need to mention, chasing bones for contest prizes... Where's the money? Searching, researching... Writing, rewriting... For a stagnant performance report.

You hear it time and time again, determination is key; but determination hurts. Left and right hearing these stories about paying bills with online writing, when is it happening for me?

Adsense Daily Check

Checking Performance Reports: My New Addiction

This is what I do to check on the overall performance of my sites with Adsense. Go to tabs "performance reports".  Click on the date range and, instead of the standards date provided, enter the first date in Adsense up to the present day.  Click "apply", then go on the left menu  and select "sites".

I look for the page views, compared them to the clicks, and then look at my earnings.  Of course I read into my CPCs, CTRs and RPMs.  But the first thing I want to know is how many viewers do each webpage need to produce a click. For instance, if site "A" requires half the viewers of site "B" to produce basically the same amount of clicks, site "A" is my winner.

It is not practical, productive or healthy to check in here two or three times a day, which is exactly what I need to stop doing.

In any event, that is how I found my InfoBarrel penny!

A Penny is a Penny is a Penny
Credit: Gizmodo

What is so Special About 0.01?

Is not even the fact that is not reporting 0.00.  Timing is an important factor when it comes to measure performance.  If I signed in here two weeks ago, ten articles in, and clicks are already going through, I don't know if you are seeing what I'm seeing, I found oil!

Article number eleven is then your first day at work. Subsequent articles need to follow the path and consistency of the first ten.  Is a business.  Any business owner knows that the first stage of any business calls for losses.  I already made a penny, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The tools of this trade are keywords, SEO, research, write, edit, publish, promote and share.  None of them cost significant amounts of money (unless one invests in an SEO book or seminar).

No Need for Name Calling But...

Of course is unnecessary to go into details of all the time wasted in other sites. Besides, some of the readers could find those really useful.  To each its own, some are better than others.

When it comes to investing in the stock market, for example, some suggest not putting your eggs in the same basket.  I disagree. I think you should do some good research and then invest in those companies that more than likely will yield high dividends or return on investment (R.O.I.) instead of spreading your pennies around.

Same thing happens with online writing.  As human beings we have our limitations (unless we resort into buying content, which I think detracts from the point of making it from home).  We can write so much.  Make sure your writing is where it counts.  Make sure your best effort is where is going to reap the most benefit.

All of this I am writing within the context of a personal reminder, not meaning to portray myself as an authority in InfoBarrel.  Just thinking out loud.

Make sure you separate the best time of your day for the site that is going to deliver to the top of your list, the top of your pennies.

The Written Word: Magic for New Realities

Money Talks and Money Talks

Certainly there are more important things than money.  The reason I am thriving to make it online is so I don't have to think about money that much anymore.  So money will stop being a problem.

Is about multiple streams of income. Another reason is about being able to make it.  About proving one has the power to realize those dreams.  To prove one can also live the dream.  Isn't it marvelous how words are able to create realities?

We are in fact in the process of creating realities through our writing.  Magical. The words that we bring to life and share with others are the makers of our new worlds.

May this be the start of many pennies.

Enough Poetry, Back to Work!

This penny is my confirmation.  I am finally on the right track, with the right audience and a great platform.  All is left is conclude this 15-minute break and head back to my cubicle.

InfoBarrel Plan:

1. Articles quota- Produce 20 to 30 minimum per month, of 800 to 1000 word average. Since longer articles make the feed there's an extra edge in promoting efforts.

2. Expand my social platform beyond Faceook, Twitter, MySpace and Redgage.  Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and others must always be included.

3. Study keyword techniques and SEO once a week.  Knowledge is the best investment.

4.  Produce six to ten articles a week. Quota for a year is impossible unless is divided in smaller chunks. Weekly production provides writing consistency.

5. Make lots of IB new friends and have fun. As stated before, can't be all about money.  Money is a motivation, not the end.  The purpose is to have fun, to learn and be happy.

Enough browsing and checking everybody else's points, there are goals to reach today!  For now, I need to click Create and get in production mode, like there's money to be earned and a business to build in here!