So I started writing Infobarrel on Dec. 9 but did not get approved for Google Adsense until about Dec. 18th or so, so this is my first month recap.

I'll be honest, I did not know what to expect starting out, and things got really confusing in the beginning with backlinking, SEO, LSI, etc. New things can be scary, indeed. But I will say that people on here and in the forums made it much, much more easier to understand! Everyone on here has been very helpful and I am thankful for that. It took away a lot of the confusion.

My first few articles were investing specific but really I don't expect much from them going forward (nor should I). I came here thinking I would just write about stocks and investing, hoping to make money, which was probably naive. I have learned not to limit myself to just that.

My first real article where I implemented SEO, Amazon Affiliates and linking to media pages was "Safes to Store Your Physical Gold and Silver."

From there I just kept writing and hit it big with one article in particular.

December First Month Earnings (Dec. 15 - Jan.)

Google AdSense:  $21.92.

Chitika: $1.07

Amazon: $2.60

Total: $25.59.

Thoughts: Well I am obviously thrilled to say the least! I was expecting maybe $1-4 for the first month. I don't think I even got a click until Jan. 3.

The high earnings were due to an article being featured on the site - The Top 5 Money Books of All-Time. I learned a couple of days later that the author of one of the books posted the link on his Facebook page (how awesome is that?). So I definitely got a little lucky here.

The Millionaire Fastlane(79175)Credit:

My original strategy of 2 articles per day for a year (750 or so total) fizzled out quickly but I'm fine with that. I think now I am just going to focus on writing the best articles possible that I can for EVERY article. Photos for every article. 500+ words. Video if necessary. Feature-worthy.  

Unfortunately I cannot say exactly how much came from this article or from other articles because I have not adding the URL links to my Google AdSense account just yet (just figured out how to do this).

Backlinking Strategy - Here's what I've done for every article:

1) Article is posted

2) Tweet to 250+ followers and FB Article

3) Post to blog

4) Post to Reddit, Digg, Folkd, Wirefan, Submitstart, Stumbleupon, IMAutomator, etc.

I'm getting used to this. I can definitely see the difference it makes. Some articles get 100+ views just seconds after doing the above.  It's worth it.

Important Things: Pictures are a must in every article, IMO. Also writing lengthy articles (550+ words) is very important because then you get that nice vertical ad on the left-hand side.

LSI - I just started learning about this Latent Semantic Indexing. Here is the website to use - Thanks to JCMayer777 for the tip on the forum.

Shout Outs: People on here are very helpful. Early on everything was very confusing, but folks on the forum definitely made things less scary for me and easier to understand. I have to thank  OneNewVoice for his help and guidance on Backlinking as well as how to post pictures, and how to post pictures with links to the pictures media page (important!). JCMayer777 was also a big help, as was JadeDragon. Thanks guys.

Next Month: I'm going to try and get featured again and write about 20 new articles for Feb. I want to learn new backlinking strategies and other tips. Also I might create a YouTube channel and definitely write an article based on YouTube videos.