Pen and Paper

Well it looks like my first month writing here on Infobarrel is coming to a close leaving me reminiscing about my time here. I still can’t give my opinion yet on whether or not it is the best website I’ve ever written for, but it is definitely up there. Not being able to give you a definitive opinion, however, I have written a short review on the brief time I’ve spent here. It is divided up into three categories that, I believe, are the heart of writing on Infobarrel: The Experience, The Commitment, and The Money.


So far I’ve found that Infobarrel is probably one of the most self-explanatory and user friendly freelance websites I’ve used. And, should you ever have a question like I did those first couple weeks your writing, the forums and other members are incredibly helpful in understanding the website. I enjoy the professionalism of the way mine, and other user’s, work looks when it goes live and I have found that, unlike many other freelance sites, the editing period given to your articles is constructive and done in a timely fashion. Still my favorite part, as I mentioned in my week one article, would have to be the formatting tools. Seriously, I probably mention them incessantly, but they really are that good. They make posting articles “so easy a caveman can do it” while still making it look like your article was created by an expert in the field of formatting.


Now this is the area where I seem to having been lacking a little bit. Between schooling, family, friends, writing for other websites, and doing a little bit of freelance work via Craigslist, I’ve found it difficult to get on here as often as I should and have only been able to post a measly 6 articles in the course of a month. Now on most websites this wouldn’t be a huge problem but my lackadaisical attitude has been really hurting me here on Infobarrel. After my period of inactivity I have noticed a steep regression in both my page views and my pay due to the apathetic attitude I’ve established on here. This is not a site you can forsake and expect to come back to monumental profits, but does in fact require hard work and dedication on the part of the author.


Now the moment we’ve all been water for… what about the dough? Quite honestly, I can’t tell you yet. Being on this website for such a short amount of time and writing so little has led to me not making very much money at all right now. However, I can tell you, as an experienced freelancer, that the concept appears to be excellent. You revieve 70% of all Google Adsense revenue and you are also allowed to post any Amazon Affiliates or Chikita links as you want for with 100% of the profits going straight to you. They also have an excellent referral program that allows you to make 2% off of whatever users you refer make without cutting into that user’s profits at all. This really isn’t a “get-rich-quick” site but it does provide quality material and tools to post your work with the potential of making a fair sum of money over time.


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Remember that referral program I mentioned? Well if you would like to join Infobarrel my referral link is listed below. It would be greatly appreciated by me at no cost to you! Have fun, and continue writing.