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This Whole Writing For Money Thing Is So Not Good For Me

Ok, so the real quote for people who aren’t as sad as me and watch endless re-runs of Friends is ‘this whole playing for money thing is so not good for me’.  Phoebe is talking about how when she plays songs for money she feels bad for the songs that don’t make as much money as the others.  I wonder if that’s how I’m going to feel about my first fledgling articles.


A Complete Beginner

I am a complete beginner to this – I hear words like SEO and back-linking and I want to run a mile.  I joined Infobarrel 8 months ago and only produced my first finished article this month.  This gave me a kick start but even after a concerted effort I can only lay claim to 6 published articles.  Up till now, I just couldn’t think of anything to write about.  I read article upon article about how to write articles, how to decide on topics for articles and many, many others and yet I found myself still just reading and reading, without a single article written.

Some Great Advice

Then I read somewhere that few people can write good, interesting articles purely on the hot topics of the moment.  At least not to begin with anyway. To write for nothing but the money is a skill that not everyone has.  Great, I’m feeling better and not quite so creatively useless now! The article further advised that you should write about what you know and love and the rest should follow.  Two days after reading this advice I now have many almost finished articles to polish and publish and many more ideas.

The Inspiration of Earnings

I draw so much inspiration from the brilliantly written articles on here and spend far too much time reading the articles detailing people’s earnings.  However, I’ve also read how low earnings put off people just starting out, and that could be me, except I don’t want to be put off.  I’ve taken note that patience and hard work are what see results on Infobarrel and with that in mind I’m ready to start tackling this whole thing.  I’ve also set myself what is for me an achievable goal.  I’m going to write 100 articles, and never mind the earnings.  I can set myself earning goals once I have a better feel for what I’m doing.

One Dollar Bill

Goals and Aims

So I thought I would also write articles on my month by month earnings – right from the start.  And if I earn – what am I talking about if – when I earn zero my first month, I will still report that.  Whilst I am so inspired by earnings reported by others, I wonder if other new people feel the same as me and wonder the same things?  They MUST have earned more to start with otherwise they’d have given up wouldn’t they? They MUST be some kind of machine to keep pushing these articles out; I’m never going to be able to write that many articles am I? They MUST have some innate understanding of how to market these articles that I will NEVER be able to learn will I? And so forth.


I want to put these questions in my mind to rest and, along the way, once I’ve finally managed to produce some decent amount of quality content, I will attempt to learn what these elusive phrases mean, and not only that, I will make myself apply them, no matter how much it scares me!


I’m hoping that as I learn I might be able to provide some useful articles on how to do these things for people who are starting out just like me – scared stiff and knowing absolutely nothing.