You can't have too many "My First Month on Infobarrel" reports on here as we all bring our own brand of uniquity to the table.  Reporting our experience on here is important for all of us so we can gather a collective understanding on how we can consistentely improve, not to mention provide beginners with realistic expectations of what they may achieve when just starting out.  So here's my contribution.

Why Infobarrel?

I began writing on Infobarrel to get my feet wet with the world of online business.  Pat Flynn from directed me here, not personally, but through his amazing and genuine blog.  He recommends Infobarrel due to its record of stability and quality authorship.  

I don't have high expectations for starting out in regards to making real money.  I have started multiple businesses offline and, while I certainly don't know everything, I know enough to realize business takes time to grow.  Usually, the slower and more carefully it grows the more solid it becomes.  So I'm in no rush to a finish line.  

In fact, I haven't even really started yet.  My objective with my first month on Infobarrel was to write 10 articles and submit at least one of them to be featured the following month.  I am happy to anounce this objective was achieved.  

It is my hope that beginning this process of writing will embark me on a journey of figuring out what I tend to be more passionate about writing, as well as give me an inkling of an idea of what readers respond to more favorably.  As clarity evolves, it is my intention to apply what I will learn to the formation of a website.  It could be a niche site, blog, vlog, marketing strategy, or something else I haven't thought of yet.  I'm keeping my head in the now so I won't miss an opportunity by pigeon-holing my thought process.  I'm in the incredibly fun process of brainstorming endless possibilities and using Infobarrel to slowly narrow down to an initial first step of what direction I would like to go.


1st Month Results

I got started writing on Infobarrel on October 3rd, 2013, with the following results by the end of the month:

* 10 articles written that collectively garnered 279 views, 23 reads, and earned $1.48.

* Every article earned money, ranging from $.01 to $1.09.

* Every article contained pictures.  However, despite some of the images receiving views, none of the pictures earned any money.

* Article scores ranged from 56 to 69.   

I am pleased with these results so far and this first baby step that has been taken towards a much larger vision of beginning an online business.  I also encourage anyone reading this who may be on the sidelines, thinking about the possibility of writing articles here, to go ahead and jump in.  No harm will befall you for getting your feet wet.  You won't have to spend any money, just some of your time.  Cultivating your creativity always bears fruit, and, to sweeten the deal further in this case, pays dividends!  

Best wishes for all your endeavors!