First Month on Infobarrel

Although I officially joined Infobarrel on December 23, 2010, I'm counting January 2011 as my first month on Infobarrel because during the last week of December, I was barely on my computer because of Christmas and New Year's.

By January 31, I had published 30 articles on Infobarrel and made $2.41 (according to my Adsense report). I did not make any money through the Amazon affiliates program and I have yet to set up my Chitika account.

For my first month on Infobarrel, I stuck to a relatively limited range of topics in order to test the waters. Last month, I mostly stuck to local interest topics and Disney Channel write-ups.

Eventually I plan to expand my topic range and build an extensive library of evergreen (non time-sensitive) material.

I'm guessing that the $2.41 I earned on Infobarrel came from clicks on my Hannah Montana Forever Series Finale write-up.

My goals are to set up my Chitika account and to produce 20 Infobarrel articles for February 2011. I've barely been able to publish anything for the last two weeks because my computer has been down, but with February less than half over, I am hoping to make up some ground.

I will also have to start venturing into the forums in order to glean insights from some of the most experienced writers here!

Other Online Writing Sources

Because I have a real-world job during the school year, online writing is only a part-time source of income. I do, however, plan on writing full-time over the summer when school is out of session.

I also write for Associated Content/Yahoo as well as Examiner. While I won't share exact earnings figures for non-Infobarrel sites, I will offer some quick thoughts on those other online writing sites.

I've benefited from Yahoo's buyout of Associated Content. There are more opportunities for higher upfront payments and opportunities to be published on other Yahoo outlets. What I like about Associated Content is the freedom to write on virtually any topic as well as opportunities for higher-paying targeted assignments on topics of your specialties.

Another benefit of Associated Content is the quick payments. It's nice to get paypal payments several times per week. AC is also a nice middle-ground between upfront sites like Demand Studios, and purely page-view sites like Examiner (though all three have their different benefits).

Examiner can be a crapshoot. I've made very good money over there because I write about a popular celebrity, but this income is variable. Because I use my Examiner page for quick time-sensitive material, I'm often at the mercy of Google News. If Google picks up my article quickly and gives me a high ranking, it's payday. If not, it's pennies.

Although I use both Associated Content and Examiner for time-sensitive articles, I tend to write structured 400-500 articles on Associated Content and quickie blurbs with pictures on Examiner.

Associated Content and Examiner have their different strengths, and I'll continue to write for both sites for my time-sensitive articles.

I've written off-and-on for Demand Studios, but have put that one on the back burner for now. While it's nice to get quick upfront payments, I'm looking to add a passive income source to my writing portfolio.

I have not yet tried writing for Buksia, Suite101, HubPages or any other ad revenue sites, nor have I ventured into personal blogging.

I'm looking to focus on one site for my evergreen content, and after some some research, it seemed that Infobarrel had the most potential for growth and was the most community-friendly.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found my first month's Infobarrel earnings report helpful!