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Everyday people are searching for ways to make passive income online.  They have done tons of research on different aspects of the internet that can help them to earn make money this way.  For me, article writing on Infobarrel was the vessel that I used to help me to achieve my goals. 

            I have been on Infobarrel for a little over a month.  I read most of the forum postings to get a better understanding of what I needed to do to be successful and to keep my expectations in check.  Everyone that I contacted on the site gave me great advice and helped me to get started.  The time here has been so exciting and I am so grateful for that.  Reporting within the first week or so that I had made my first penny, everyone continued to support me and I was extremely motivated so to keep going.

            I am happy to report my earnings for the month of May.  So here we go:

Google Adsense-$3.89



            This is only the beginning of what I feel will be a beautiful journey with the Infobarrel family.  I would also like to report my achievements for the month.  Each accomplishment helped me to feel that what I had purposed for myself was coming to fruition.

1-Featured Articles-2

Make a Good Relationship Great

Financial Intervention:  DIY Credit Repair

2-Over 1k Page Views


4-Articles Written-98(Including This One)

5-Words Written-Over 50K

            If you enjoy writing and you would like to make some passive income then join us here at Infobarrel.  I am new to online writing and this has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done.  I know the report may not say much to you at this point, but stay tuned.  I believe that in the future I will join the greats like JCMayer777 and VC Dillinger and will make additional strides like one of my kindred spirits here Askformore.

            I thought about putting out a goal for myself to meet, but I think it’s better to keep reaching for the sky and soon I will find myself touching the stars.  My strategy is just to keep writing articles on a daily basis and to work hard to improve on the ones that are currently live on the site.  Doing keyword research and writing about things that I enjoy will be my way of contributing to the internet stratosphere and continuing doing what I have come to love.  Thanks for reading and wish me luck!!!