Motorola Clutch I465 Cell PhoneI have now had my Boost Mobile unlimited service for a week and here are my initial thoughts on Boost Mobile and the Motorola i465 cellphone.

The phone service works great. Everywhere I have been in and around Twin Falls Idaho the Boost Mobile phone service has worked great.

Boost mobile does not allow you to download ring tones for free. You either have to pay for them or buy a USB 2.0 cable and upload them directly to your phone. You can also transfer ringtones to your phone with Bluetooth. In order to get ringtones to work with the Boost Mobile I465 you may have to modify the file to a lower bit rate for it to work on your phone.

The Open Wave browser that comes with the Boost Mobile and Motorola I465 cell phone sucks. There is no way to explain how bad the Open Wave browser sucks. You can easily add the Opera Mini browser to your Motorola I465 phone without attaching it to you computer. I love the Opera Mini browser and now I can browse the internet on my cellphone much faster than I could with the Open Wave browser.

You can not make the Opera Mini your default browser. If you push the internet connect button on the I465 phone it will still pull up the default Open Wave browser. I moved my icon for the Opera Mini Browser to the first row of my icons. I now only have to push three buttons to get to my Opera browser.

With the Opera Mini browser if I decide I want to make a phone call or check my text messages I can easily do it and then go right back into the web page I was browsing without starting over like the Open wave browser does.

As great as the Opera Mini browser is Boost Mobile still limits what I can do with it. I can not download any images or other types of media. If a person text messages me an image or audio file I can save it to my phone and play it but I can still not use it as a ring tone.

Boost Mobile intentionally blocks all of this so that you will buy overpriced ring tones from them. There is no way I will pay $2.50 for a short ring tone. I am frustrated that I can not use any audio I record using the phone as a ring tone.

The phone and web service however work great. The keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard but the display is small. It is easy to check out your Adsense stats using the phone but trying to write a whole article using the I465 is practically impossible.

All in all my Motorola I465 cell phone with Boost Mobiles unlimited plan is a great deal. For $50.00 a month you get unlimited talk, text, and web. If you do get a Boost Mobile phone installing Opera Mini is a must. It will make your browsing faster and easier. You can also do basic internet tasks suck as viewing your history file and bookmarking websites when you use Opera Mini. To install Opera Mini on the I465 Motorola under boost Mobile I used the easy and simple directions found on a web forum about Installing Opera Mini on the I465 phone.

On my phone it worked the very first time. On My fathers cell phone It took two attempts and I got it too work.

Texting with the QWERTY keyboard on the Clutch I465 cellphone is a little hard at first but you will get faster and your fingers adapt to the tiny keyboard. You will never be able to type as fast as you will with a BlackBerry.

If you install the Opera Mini browser the Motorola Clutch I465 cellphone is a great phone but you may find yourself limited. If you can afford it a BlackBerry under the Boost Mobile Unlimited plan would be a lot better.

Prior to Boost Mobile I used Virgin Mobile. I love Virgin Mobiles customer service. Boost Mobile has a very irritating feature when you call there toll free number. Boost Mobile has intentionally set up there menu to make it as hard as possible to get a live person. It took me 45 minutes to get to a live person. Now that I know how it only takes a minute. Once I actually got a live operator on the phone they were extremely courteous and knowledgeable. I still prefer Virgin Mobiles customer service over Boost Mobile. Odds are once you are up and running you will never have to call customer service. As with most things now days it is easier to handle any problems online as opposed to a calling a toll free number.

Although the Motorola Clutch I465 phone is not a good as a Blackberry is is still a great phone. If you send a lot of text messages then the Motorola Clutch I465 will work really good for you. There are many limitations on the Motorola Clutch I465 that Boost Mobile has such as the ability to download free wallpapers, ringtones, and saving images from the web browser. If you do not mind using a work around like using a 2.0 USB cable to install free ringtones on too your phone from your computer then the Motorola Clutch I465 will work for you. If you demand the newest and top technology then stay away from the Motorola Clutch I465 cell phone when using Boost Mobile cell service.

When I originally looked at the Motorola Clutch I465 it was selling for $129.95. I would not pay $129.95 for the Motorola Clutch I465. I picked it up at Best Buy for $79.95. I feel I got a great phone at a great price for what I need a cell phone for. If I would of paid the original price of $129.95 I would of felt ripped off.

The Motorola Clutch I465 along with Boost Mobiles unlimited plan is a great value if you do a lot of texting and talking. I have now Tweeted on Twitter with my Motorola Clutch I465. I also wrote the first paragraph of this article online using my Motorola Clutch I465.

As functional as the Motorola Clutch I465 cell phone is I would still recommend a BlackBerry if you can afford it. It is $10.00 a month more for Boost Mobiles unlimited plan when using a BlackBerry but it is well worth it.